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Culture and cultural heritage

ForwArt - Moving forward with the power of art: from a place to hide to a place of pride

Tilburg - The Netherlands

ForwArt activities in a week - photo essay

Culture and cultural heritage
The occassion of the UIA officer Isabella Schneble's visit to Tilburg North provided an opportunity to have a glimpse into the artistic..
Urban poverty

EPIU - Energy Poverty Intelligence Unit

Getafe - Spain

How project synergies bring new opportunities: the example of EPIU

Urban poverty
Synergies between projects can generate a wide range of opportunities for municipalities. For example, the ability to share knowledge a..
Culture and cultural heritage

CAMINA -Community Awakening for Multicultural Integrative Narrative of Almería

Almeria - Spain

CAMINA - Journal 2 - From the Novel Cultural Narrative to Social Laboratories for Culture

Culture and cultural heritage
Ileana Toscano, UIA expert, in this 2nd Journal, focuses on the Novel Collective City Narrative, built up with the contribution of Alme..

DIACCESS - Digital ACCeleration for medium SizE Sustainable cities

Växjö - Sweden

Several municipalities are adopting the solution for snow clearance developed in Växjö during the Diaccess project.

Clearing snow and prevent slippage is not difficult, but it is costly and difficult to plan. That's why Växjö municipality, together wi..
Urban security

BeSecure-FeelSecure - Holistic Urban Security Governance Framework for Monitoring, Assessing and Forecasting the Efficiency, Sustainability and Resilience of Piraeus

Piraeus - Greece

Improving Urban Security through Spatial Interventions in Piraeus

Urban security
The Be Secure - Feel Secure (BSFS) project is a comprehensive initiative aimed at improving urban security and increasing citizens' sen..
Nature based solutions

UPPER - Urban Productive Parks for the development of NBS related technologies and services

Latina - Italy

Journal 2 UPPER project

Nature based solutions
Jobs and skills in the local economy

Urban Growth-GSIP Vantaa - Growth and Social investment Pacts for Local Companies in City of Vantaa

Vantaa - Finland

Cooperation and collective responsibility for a socially sustainable future in Vantaa

Jobs and skills in the local economy
The Urban Growth Vantaa project (Urbaania kasvua Vantaa in Finnish) co-created and piloted solutions for upskilling, employment and sup..
Culture and cultural heritage

CULTURAL H.ID.RA.N.T. -CULTURAL Hidden IDentities ReAppear through Networks of WaTer

Halandri - Greece

Cultural H.ID.RA.N.T. journal no.2

Culture and cultural heritage
Cultural H.ID.RA.N.T. interprets Hadrian Aqueduct as a vehicle to reveal local cultural capital, tangible and intangible heritage, natu..
Circular economy

RE/SOURCED Renewable Energy SOlutions for URban communities based on Circular Economy policies and Dc backbones

Leiedal Intermunicipal Association - Belgium

RE/SOURCED - The Educational Perspective

Circular economy
RE/SOURCED is defined by a number of innovative but highly technical aspects of the project. This article presents a different perspec..

Les dernières actualités UIA


Join us at the European Week of Regions and Cities 2022

We are back at the annual European Week of Regions and Cities 2022! Register now for our sessions and find out more details about what we have planned...
UIA Article
27 avr 2022
28 avr 2022

EU cities acting for just transitions and climate adaptation

UIA & the city of Seville are organising a 2-day event to discuss how EU cities can contribute to green and just transitions and showcase concrete exp...
Adaptation au changement climatique
07 avr 2022

Designing sustainable urban projects: learnings from the Integrated approach in UIA projects

What can we learn from cities embedding key principles of Integrated Territorial Development in UIA projects?...

UIA at the European Week of Regions and Cities – Register now!

UIA will be present at the European Week of Regions and Cities 11-14 October for 3 sessions. Do not miss them!...
UIA Article
14 oct 2021

UIA @EURegionsWeek: How to contribute to innovative, integrated and effective urban policies – UIA stories

SAVE THE DATE- UIA projects will be present at the European Week of Regions and Cities on 14th October (9.30-11.00 CET) to share their story at the en...
Aveiro foto

Thinking urban transitions: the way towards a new socio-ecological pact

Facing climate risks together with their social consequences, cities need to find new solutions to build a new socio-ecological pact. UIA is launching...
UIA Article
Lahti Mobility

COVID-19 Pandemic: a challenging time for UIA cities

The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated cities’ resilience and ability to switch to new methods. The fight against the pandemic has forced governance s...
UIA Article
Cluj Napoca photo

UIA Summer Reading List: Green, Just and Productive European Cities

This Summer Reading List explores UIA projects’ contribution to the 3 pillars of the New Leipzig Charter, preparing for the Urban Agenda September web...
UIA Article

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