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The 2nd UIA Call for Proposals is closed. What's next?

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The 2nd UIA Call for Proposals was closed the 14th of April 2017, and we received 206 applications. This call has a total budget of 50 million EUR and a focus on 3 topics: Integration of migrants and refugees, Urban mobility, Circular economy. Read our news to know what comes next!

Great interest for the first ever UIA webinars!

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Over the course of February, the UIA Permanent Secretariat held a series of four webinars aimed at supporting potential applicants in their UIA project development. Find out more about the participation and watch the recordings in case you missed them!

Webinar on project management and communication strategy now online

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On 23 February, the UIA hosted the fourth and final of a series of webinars to support applicants in the second Call for Proposals focusing on the management and communication of UIA projects. The webinar seeks to help those applicants putting together their proposal – specifically for those two work packages that are common to all projects: management and communication.

UDN event on the UIA 2nd call for Proposals

The Urban Development Network (UDN), managed by the European Commission, and the UIA Permanent Secretariat are joining forces to support urban authorities interested in the 2nd UIA Call for Proposals in preparing their project proposals.
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Applicants webinars - 2nd Call for Proposals

Over the course of February, the Permanent Secretariat of the UIA initiative will organise a series of four webinars to support interested organisations in the preparation of their 2nd Call application.
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