Landscaping for new urban gardens

Project : URBAN SOIL 4 FOOD - Establishment of Innovative Urban Soil Based Economy Circles to Increase Local Food Self-sufficiency and Minimize Environmental Footprint
Ville : Maribor
Short description
The past summer period in Maribor was dedicated to arranging the planned area, where new urban gardens will be created, thanks to the pilot project Urban soil 4 food.

Activities at the CORE Centre

Project : CoRE - Centre of Refugee Empowerment
Ville : Vienna
Short description
The CORE project implements a wide range of activities for refugees. The participative approach of CORE ensures that refugees themselves can design integration offers and thus actively participate in the project. This approach is also reflected at the CORE Centre run by the Vienna Social Fund. The CORE Centre offers space and support so that organizations, associations, civil society initiatives, volunteers and above all refugees themselves can implement integration activities.