COMMUTE's Local Mobility Committee, a collaborative platform

Project : COMMUTE - Collaborative Mobility Management for Urban Trafic and Emissions reduction
Ville : Toulouse Metropole
Short description
The second Journal of the COMMUTE project presents the developments of the project since the publication of the first Journal in December 2018. By now, COMMUTE is almost half way through since its launch, with successful actions to report on, as well as old and new challenges. This edition focuses more on the latter and how the city is addressing them.

5Bridges Expert Journal: Desiging the social restaurant and the urban farm

Project : 5Bridges - Creating bridges between homeless and local communities
Ville : Nantes
Short description
In his 2nd journal of 5Bridges, UIA expert Freek Spinnewijn looks into how the project has left behind a difficult period and entered one with more optimism at full speed in what regards implementation!In Freek’s words, the time is now mature to allow project leaders to make the software (social and community activities) and the hard ware (the building of the infrastructure) of the project to coincide and interact better.

CURANT Expert Journal: holistic approach to integration and evaluation mechanisms

Project : CURANT - Co-housing and case management for Unaccompanied young adult Refugees in ANTwerp
Ville : Antwerp
Short description
In his 4th journal of CURANT, UIA expert Fabio Sgaragli discusses the significance of a holistic approach to integration and the potential contribution of CURANT through its lessons learnt in supporting the EU in formulating integration policies. His focus though lies in the topic of evaluating EU-level mechanisms and policies with a view to supporting future integration policy developments, or in his own words: How may we measure and evaluate the degree to which migrants are actually integrated? What indicators for impact measurement, including also non-quantifiable elements?

Prizes for Szeged University’s Cycling Employees

Project : SASMob - Smart Alliance for Sustainable Mobility
Ville : Szeged
Short description
The citizens of Szeged University reached nearly 250 cycling days in the “Bike To Work!” campaign. Committed to a healthy lifestyle and environmentally friendly solutions, the institution motivated its employees in the programme with its own prize draw. The winners were welcomed in the central building of the University on July 4.

On the way to the Austrian health system: CORE supports refugee doctors

Project : CoRE - Centre of Refugee Empowerment
Ville : Vienna
Short description
Medical doctors with a refugee background need to have their diploma obtained at a foreign university recognised in Vienna, by successfully completing the so-called nostrification procedure at the Medical University. It is on this path that the CORE project supports refugee doctors. They come from countries such as Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya or Somalia and cover different areas of expertise. The broad professional spectrum ranges from general medicine, internal medicine, psychiatry and cardiology over gynecology, dermatology, pneumology and forensic medicine to plastic surgery, pediatrics, ophthalmology, emergency medicine and radiology. Currently, around 60 people are being accompanied on their way to their nostrification by various supportive measures of the CORE project.