BRIDGE studies the skills of the future

Project : BRIDGE - Building the Right Investments for Delivering a Growing Economy
Ville : Rotterdam
Short description
BRIDGE wants to ensure that young people from South Rotterdam have good job opportunities right now. But more than that needs to be done so that the results of BRIDGE are permanent. Therefore, a great deal of work is being carried out on the Regional Skills Agenda. Work is changing at a rapid pace and it is, therefore, important to examine the skills young people will soon need to have a good chance of finding a job.

On the project side - Interview of the MARES project

Project : MARES - Resilient urban ecosystems for a sustainable economy
Ville : Madrid
Short description
The UIA Secretariat organised a series of interviews with the projects selected under the topic "jobs & skills in the local economy". What is the most innovative elements of their project to promote jobs and skills? What are the main changes they are expecting? What are the main challenges they are confronted with? Hear the feedbacks from MARES de Madrid project and find out what was the motivation behind the project, how it fits within the city’s wider economic and employment strategy and other interesting elements.

Social entrepreneurs and USE IT! catalysing social change in Birmingham

Project : USE-IT! - Unlocking Social and Economic Innovation Together
Ville : Birmingham
Short description
The Social Enterprise support offered through USE IT! in the last 12 months focused on growing the social enterprise sector, linking local organisations to new markets, linking them to new building initiatives, tourism opportunities and the chance to supply local residents (food, health, creative etc). Our work is delivered through a range of activities and support such as one-to-one support, events, markets, workshops, mentoring and our enterprise skills development programmes.

Transformation of the energy market is not a quick fix

Project : FED - Fossil Free Energy Districts
Ville : Gothenburg
Short description
It is clear that the European energy system is in a period of transition. However, it is not at all clear what the final system will look like in terms of market actors and market design. We can be quite certain that the transition will require time in order to stabilize, and that R&D will be necessary in order to reach a functioning model. In the Fossil-free Energy Districts we are trying to reduce the transition time. The Research Institute of Sweden, RISE is contributing by developing a market design and analysing drivers and barriers for future local energy systems.

Two UIA projects for a joint kick-off!

Project : URBAN SOIL 4 FOOD - Establishment of Innovative Urban Soil Based Economy Circles to Increase Local Food Self-sufficiency and Minimize Environmental Footprint
Ville : Maribor
Short description
Two UIA selected projects from Slovenia - Maribor`s Urban soil 4 food and Ljubljana`s Applause have presented themselves to public at a joint kick-off meeting on 18th of January in Maribor.

CURANT-youngsters are enforced by psycho-educational courses!

Project : CURANT - Co-housing and case management for Unaccompanied young adult Refugees in ANTwerp
Ville : Antwerp
Short description
‘The Human Link’ and the city of Antwerp organised a ‘Mind-Spring -course’ especially for our young refugees. ‘The Human Link’ is an organisation specialised in psychological help. Mind-Spring is a group session that was developed in the Netherlands. Other Belgian organisations, Like ‘ Centrum voor Algemeen Welzijnswerk (CAW) and ‘Centrum voor Geestelijke Gezondheid (CGG) already worked with it. Nine of our youngsters participated.