The City of Turin approves the Collaboration proposals sent by residents: co-design phase starts

Project : Co-City - The collaborative management of urban commons to counteract poverty and socio-spatial polarisation
Ville : Turin
Short description
54 Collaboration proposals were approved by the City Government of Turin and accessed the co-design phase that will lead to the implementation of the projects presented under the categories identified by the Co-City project (periphery and urban cultures, underused service platforms and care of public spaces).

Feeding our community

Project : USE-IT! - Unlocking Social and Economic Innovation Together
Ville : Birmingham
Short description
The project partners Co-operative Futures, along with iSE and Smethwick CAN, hosted an open workshop to talk about food within our local communities.

Super Circular Estate Launch event

Project : Super Circular Estate - First Circular Social Housing Estate for 100% Material and Social Circularity
Ville : Kerkrade
Short description
On 23 February 2018 the Municipality of Kerkrade organised a Launch event for the UIA project Super Circular Estate. Professionals discussed the success of a circular economy during a seminar with keynote speakers Elma Durmisevic, a renowned researcher in the field of transformable building structures, and Michiel Ritzen, senior researcher in sustainable built environment.

Pre-test drive sets the direction of autonomous bus

Project : TUPPAC - Transforming Urban Planning Providing Autonomous Collective mobility
Ville : Albertslund
Short description
As an important milestone in the TUPPAC project, a driverless bus ran its very first test drive in Hersted Business Park in November 2017 as part of the official announcement of the project. In a Danish context, this was one of the first demonstrations of the technology used within an urban environment, and the attention shown from national and regional Danish news media was overwhelming.

Milan launched in October 2017 an Urban Agriculture Lab within UIA OpenAgri project

Project : OpenAgri - New Skills for new Jobs in Peri-urban Agriculture 
Ville : Milan
Short description
After an initial tender phase of 4 months, the City of Milan, as the Main Urban Authority for the UIA OpenAgri project, launched in February 2018 an Urban Agriculture Lab within the area of Cascina Nosedo, the future Open Innovation Hub of this urban metropolitan fringe.

An atmosphere of excitement as the MiFriendly Cities partners collaborate to drive the project forward in the West Midlands

Ville : Coventry
Short description
What does it take to make city more refugee and migrant friendly? At the beginning of March 2018, the MiFriendly Cities project was officially launched, and has since taken great strides towards answering this question, whilst also aiming to actively change the mind-set of an entire region.

Getting ready for the Green Waste Challenge

Project : Antwerp Circular South - engaging the community in an online and offline circular economy
Ville : Antwerp
Short description
One of the goals of the Circular South project is to raise awareness of the New South residents with regards to their individual waste sorting behaviour. We have initiated several waste challenges. This way we motivate the residents to actively contribute to keep materials in the cycle. The first challenge will take place in April. Spring is in the air and we expect a good buy-in from the community with this start.