Zoom-in video podcast

Passport for Work Zoom-in: The Skill Based Economy

The Dutch labour market is facing unprecedented shortages, calling for a skill based economy in which skill based matching, reskilling and upskilling ...

P4W - Passport4Work an intersectoral skills passport with gamified skills assessment and improvement

Jobs and skills in the local economy

Eindhoven - The Netherlands

Emplois et compétences dans l'économie locale
Fashion workshops are organised in North Tilburg to explore identity

Which artistic expression deserves public match-funding and who can decide on it?

ForwArt - Moving forward with the power of art: from a place to hide to a place of pride

Culture and cultural heritage

Tilburg - The Netherlands

Culture et patrimoine culturel
Prato Green Hospital

Green is health

The green interventions at “Nuovo Ospedale Santo Stefano'' of Prato will create a new urban park within the city bridging the gap between health and b...

PUJ - Prato Urban Jungle

Sustainable use of land and nature based solutions

Prato - Italy

Utilisation et gestion durable des sols et solutions fondées sur la nature
Wish-Mi article #4

Mapping the UIA innovation challenges with the Wish-Mi stakeholders

WISH MI - Wellbeing Integrated System of Milan

Urban poverty

Milan - Italy

Pauvreté urbaine

Ghent Knap Op Journal 3: The Seven Challenges

Like many cities, Ghent suffers a lack of affordable housing: high-quality and energy-efficient homes. Quality homes that are affordable are scarce in...

ICCARus (Gent knapt op) - Improving housing Conditions for CAptive Residents in Ghent


Ghent - Belgium

Affordable housing
Upper Jobs

UPPER JOBS: innovative skills for employment and social inclusion

The selection of participants in the second edition of UPPER JOBS has been completed. The participants selected by the Labirinto Social Cooperative ha...

UPPER - Urban Productive Parks for the development of NBS related technologies and services

Sustainable use of land and nature based solutions

Latina - Italy

Emplois et compétences dans l'économie locale
Forest bioeconomy action plan_cover

Local action plans for forest bioeconomy development: a mission impossible?

One of the main objectives of the UFIL project is to contribute developing a local bioeconomy ecosystem which is based on the sustainable exploitation...

UFIL - Urban Forest Innovation Lab

Jobs and skills in the local economy

Cuenca - Spain

Emplois et compétences dans l'économie locale
Provision of grant subsidy to stimulate cargo bike purchase by businesses and professionals.

Incentive: Powering Cargo Bike Take-up

The Cairgo Bike project is designed to boost measures, being applied by the Brussels Capital Region to structurally improve air quality in the city. I...


Air quality

Brussels Capital Region - Belgium

Qualité de l’air
Photo by Jacek Dylag on Unsplash

The BRISE-Vienna Project - Journal N°2

BRISE-Vienna addresses the challenge of accelerating complex verification and permission procedures in city administrations by applying the full range...

BRISE-Vienna - Building Regulations Information for Submission Envolvement

Digital transition

Vienna - Austria

Transition numérique