Project journal
Modifier 28 May 2018
by Eddy Adams, UIA Expert

Implementing the BRIDGE project in Rotterdam: Get an update in the second UIA journal on what is happening on the ground

Staff pupils and mentors in Rotterdam South
UIA Expert Eddy Adams has been collecting the knowledge stemming from the implementation of the innovative solution proposed by the City of Rotterdam to better aligning young people’s educational choices in its most deprived neighbourhood, Rotterdam South with future labour market needs.

In the second UIA Journal, you will find out how the project has continued to progress looking specifically at:

  • The metro-regional skills forecasting work, informed by the city region’s Roadmap Next Economy. This proposes an approach based on societal trends, rather than traditional industry sectors
  • The tension between school culture and street culture

This second journal provides a practical overview of how the project is working to shift the mind-sets of young people in Rotterdam South. It is mobilising an ambitious range of tools to drive change, where the perceptions amongst the local youth population must be altered in order to help close the inequality gap that the neighbourhood has been facing for many years.