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Modifier 27 November 2023
by City of Budapest

Innovative community programs in Újbuda

budapest news pic
budapest news pic
In the past six months, thanks to the CUP 4 Creativity project, Budapest Újbuda have achieved several successful events and initiatives.

The year began with the "Private Stage" campaign, where we organized seven performances, including concerts, theater plays, and slam poetry events, at undisclosed private properties exclusively known to participants. Anyone could register on the INSERT platform, another project output. However, event details were kept a secret, revealed only to randomly selected participants. This project was a great success, with every apartment fully occupied. The invited artists were equally thrilled to perform in such an intimate setting, making these performances truly memorable for them. Some artists even participated in creating videos for the next phase of the project.

Continuing the Private Stage project, we introduced an application process. Participants received funding to organize events in their own homes. This initiative is ongoing, with autumn events already scheduled. We received 11 applications, each brimming with exciting ideas that we can't wait to see come to life.

In collaboration with the local organization 11_11, we've been offering monthly DIY workshop sessions, covering various techniques like ceramics, linocut, and marble casting. These events have become extremely popular, often filling up within a day of opening the application form due to high demand.

Additionally, we initiated two programs in which locals could submit ideas for their district, including event suggestions and plans for improving the neighborhood. Winners of these initiatives have been selected and are now working on turning their ideas into reality. Some ideas have already been implemented, like a group that organized a marathon outdoor reading of a Hungarian novel involving several participants, lasting an impressive 16 hours. We believe these projects are essential for creating a vibrant district with an engaged community shaping its everyday life.

Adaptér also had two containers that traveled to major summer festivals in the country, such as Sziget and Bánki tó Festivals, to promote the art center set to open in the fall season. These smaller representations of the center allowed the public to experiment with techniques like light painting and games, bridging the gap between real life and the digital world.