Modifier 25 November 2022
by Birgit Georgi, UIA expert

Bringing to life Breda’s nature-inclusive quays

Left: construction work on the quays. right: visualisation of greened quays
This Zoom in 2 looks into the experience, challenges and lessons learned with developing the multifunctional design and the implementation. Can it be built as supposed? Will expectations be fulfilled? Did new findings surface and is the technique scalable?

In Breda‘s historic centre, the municipality has started to daylight the once buried river Mark and make it navigable again. Beyond being navigable, citizens and local politicians also wanted it a much greener space, but space is scarce in the inner centre, and the quay walls go vertical. With the GreenQuays project, the city tests now an innovative nature-inclusive design of the quay walls. The quays are currently constructed and will be finished by mid-2023. From different project partner’s perspective, this Zoom in looks into: 

  • What are nature-inclusive quay (NIQ) walls compared to conventional green walls?
  • What are the benefits and what are specific challenges and the solutions to build them?
  • What are other positive side effects?
  • Where and how can the NIQ technology be used beyond GreenQuays?


Watch the Video:  Bringing to life Breda’s nature-inclusive quays