By Birgit Georgi, Constantinos Cartalis, Maria Sitzoglou, UIA Experts

How are UIA projects contributing to building resilient cities, adapting to the climate emergency?


This report is the result of a policy-lab organised with UIA climate adaptation projects during 2022 UIA event in Seville.  UIA Experts, Birgit Georgi, Constantinos Cartalis and Maria Sitzoglou collected inputs from the RESILIO (Amsterdam), GBG_AS2C (Barcelona), IGNITION (Greater Manchester), OASIS (Paris) and GUARDIAN (Riba - Roja) projects and analyse their key results on three hot topics for EU cities: 

  • Re-designing urban spaces for climate adaptation
  • Keeping the city resilient under climate extremes
  • Citizen’s engagement and participation – a vital requirement to create climate-resilient cities.

The 6th report from Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (ICCP) started with this staggering observation: “Global net anthropogenic Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions during the last decade (2010-2019) were higher than at any previous time in human history”. It is widely acknowledged that urban areas are major contributors to climate change and indeed to GHG emissions, while being vulnerable to climate change.



We would like to thank the three UIA Experts, Birgit Georgi, Constantinos Cartalis and Maria Sitzoglou for their work on the report. A special thank you goes for the project managers and partners of the RESILIO, GBG_AS2C, IGNITION, OASIS, CARTUJA QANAT and GUARDIAN projects who contributed with their knowledge to the publication and their active participation to the policy-lab.