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Modifier 04 April 2022

Renovations to start!!

The CUP 4 Creativity team has an exciting 3 months behind their back and they expect a similarly exciting period as spring approaches.

Although the Insert platform is not yet available to users, #insert programs are already being organized in Újbuda (District XI of Budapest). These events are part of the INSERT program which aims to help the organization of social events and the organisation and development of creative initiatives.

Alexandra Petrik, Adaptér's project manager and soon-to-be director, told us a few words about the current situation of the upcoming Art & Tech Center, Adaptér:

“In Adaptér, we would like to showcase the different aspects art & technology. We are the only ones so far in Hungary, who are willing to present this topic to the wider audience in Újbuda. To this end, we will organize educational programs that will enable people in Újbuda to create artefacts, digital masterpieces and / or tools on similar topics, or even make better use of their phones.

The official opening is scheduled for this fall. Various preparations are currently underway to renovate the building, furnish it and fill it with content. In connection with this, preparatory work is underway: architectural design has been delivered, public procurement of contractors has been concluded, construction is almost ready to go.”

In addition to the works on 10 Bercsényi street, several minor renovations will take place in the near future within the framework of the tender. These include the renovation of the roof structure of the MU theater and the renovation of several workshops and galleries in the Eleven Blokk. We asked Péter Mátyási, the president of the Eleven Blokk Assocation, about the latter:

“The Eleven Blokk Art Foundation was founded more than 10 years ago. It is a visual arts foundation. One of our main functions is that we are renting out municipal properties in the 11th district, typically basement / semi-basement ones, and using them for artistic purposes. These had been vacant for 5-10 years when we started renting them. At this time, we can talk about 9 such properties, on nearly 1,000 square meters, where about 40 fine and applied artists and visual professionals work. There is also a building that we do not use as a workshop but as a non-profit gallery space.

Thanks to the UIA tender, we were able to select two or three such workshop places, which we could partially renovate and use to hold workshops in. These are expected to be part of the INSERT program and will also work with Adaptér. One of them is a pottery workshop, the other is the workshop at 4 Lágymányosi street, where we plan to hold various animation and graphics workshops, an amateur acting course and many other educational activities, and the third is the previously mentioned non-profit gallery space.”

Renovations have already started or are about to start and all work should be done by end of June.

In order to keep those who are interested up to date, we started Insert’s Facebook page. In addition, the project can already be found on Instagram under the name: @insertujbuda. On these platforms, followers can expect various event recommendations, news and many other interesting posts.