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Modifier 08 March 2022
by City of Budapest: Újbuda

A review on CUP 4 CREATIVITY project activities

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CUP 4 Creativity Open Days

In September 2021, before the start of the renovations of the property, Budapest district XI’s soon-to-be Art & Tech Centre opened its doors. During the three day opening everyone who was interested, more than 150 local residents, could learn about the district’s CUP 4 Creativity project and its events, the upcoming community platform (Insert) and the forthcoming Art & Tech Centre (Adaptér).

The visitors were able to try out and experience- in small scale- what the future online platform and institution will give them. Furthermore, they could contribute with their ideas and suggestions of what the future Insert and Adaptér’s service should be like.

It was a pleasure to see how open the locals were to the develeopment. A lot of inspiring conversations and important encounters took place over the long weekend. Enriched by these experiences, the CUP 4 Creativity team will continue the work during the upcoming months in order to create the best possible services for the public.

Bercsényi Brunch, the first INSERT programme

The Insert programme and platform is mainly created to provide a meeting, co-creating and learning opportunity for citizens living, working and studying in the 11th district of Budapest. Although the platform itself will not be officially launched until spring 2022, the CUP 4 Creativity project is keen to show the public in advance what they will be able to do with this innovative online initiative. In this spirit, the Bercsényi Brunch and Street Ball took place in autumn 2021.

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The event was a community breakfast for the residents of the district, where tables, chairs and tableware were provided, but the food and the community atmosphere were created by the participants. Afterwards, they could contribute to decorating the area by creating and displaying handicrafts in workshops. Meanwhile, the children took part in an asphalt drawing competition and the older generation in a cake tasting competition. The evening was rounded off with a street ball and a party.

The event has showcased everything that Insert will stand for from 2022: the power of community, the experience of co-creation, the innovation of our own hands, the opportunity of encounters. We can't wait for the Insert platform to contribute to this from 2022!


Social events continue in Újbuda

In December, we got in the spirit of Christmas together at one of the most important places of the CUP 4 Creativity project: the Adaptér Art & Tech Center.

This was the second in a series of engaging and informative events to introduce the residents, students and workers of the district to the project, the soon-to-open Adaptér and the Insert programme, which will help the district's residents to meet each other in a creative way.

The event, called Bercsényi Zsúr (named after the street of Adaptér), gave visitors the chance to see and create in an interactive art&tech exhibition, see a digital exhibition, create in community and review the mulled wine of the street's restaurants (just for fun).
Everyone had a great time, and we're especially pleased that more and more people in the district are aware of what is being done here with UIA's support.