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Modifier 22 December 2021
by City of Antwerp

Antwerp Circular South project's lessons learnt: Summary brochure

Circular Zuid Brochure
A group of residents from the New South neighbourhood in Antwerp accepted the challenge to live for three and a half years a circular lifestyle.

They used less energy and water, reused materials and accumulated and disposed of less household refuse. They were helped in their endeavours by experts and technology, but most of all, assistance came from each other. Thanks to the establishment of a circular experience centre workshops, DIY’s, repair cafes and a tool library citizens were organised to keep materials in a closed loop.

Following the installation of smart meters an app was developed that allowed participants to track their consumption of electricity and production of waste. This app was used to organize nudging campaigns where participants could earn "circules," a digital currency that could be used in the city.

Finally, residents of New South could become part of the neighborhood energy cooperation by investing in solar panels together. A total of 620 kWp of solar panels were installed, the revenues of the electricity production flow back to the neighbourhood energy cooperation to invest in new circular and sustainable projects.

Many things have been tried, realized and will live on after the project such as the Circular South app, the neighborhood energy group, the circular experience centre,...

Would you like to learn more? Take a look at our online brochure with the course of the last few years, the results achieved and the most important lessons learnt.