Expert article
Modifier 08 September 2021
by Zsuzsa Kravalik UIA Expert

Youth participation in action

Fashion Clash art workshops in Tilburg North
"A generation apart" - this frequent term makes us aware that youth participation is not an easy task to perform since those youngsters are at least a generation apart from our thinking, our ideals, our goals and our understanding of citizen involvement and urban co-management

Within a great workshop event with BURST colleague Barbara Czikora we were discussing implementational challenges of youth participation from theroretical to everyday project implementation level. BURST (Bright Urban Solution) is a non profit organisation originated by senior urbanists from the Netherlands, Hungary and Slovenia to address urban challenges of the xxi century. It is important to put light on ForwArt project which is doing excellent work in how public institutions should engage with local youth, not to appropriate the processes for political or public goals, but gently and not intrudingly support youngsters in their own purposes. 

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