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Modifier 30 July 2021
by City of Szeged

SASMob on the Premises: the Project Has Been Presented at Two Sites – So Even More Employees is Szeged Travel in a Green and Sustainable Way

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A two-site “tour” was launched by SASMob Szeged under the title “Small Awareness Competition”. The aim was to help even more citizens of Szeged understand that it makes sense to travel within the city by bike, scooter, community transport or on foot – in any way but by car alone.


Presentations were held at two local companies under the umbrella of the programme:

  • at Szegedi Kistérség Többcélú Társulás (Szeged Small Region Multi-Purpose Association) on 2 July and
  • at the Flow Academy on 22 July

The details of the project, the process of mobility planning were presented at the Small Region Association by Anita Tóth and at the Flow Academy by her and Boglárka Méreiné Dr. Berki, a representative of the Research Centre of the Faculty of Economics of Szeged University.

The participants were given an insight into how SASMob is implemented in everyday life and what elements of the project one can encounter walking in the streets of the city. Besides, Szeged Vision was presented and information was shared about two new applications developed for Szeged:

  • Greenformers Help (for fault reporting) and
  • Greenformers Go (an online passenger information system).

greenformers apps

At both sites, there was a playful quiz on travelling after the presentations – with prizes from Evosoft and the SASMob project.


Playful quiz

Prizes from Evosoft and the SASMob project

Even more importantly, the employees who attended the meeting were open to and asked questions about the project.