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Modifier 02 June 2021
by City of Szeged

Greenformers Go and Help Applications Have Gone Live

City of Szeged
Greenformers Go and Help have been developed in the framework of the SASMob project, by Griffsoft, one of the project partners.

The users of the Greenformers Help application can report “defects” found in the city. The goals are to correct defects as soon as possible and to make Szeged an even more liveable city.

In their reports, users can select the type of the defect from 5 categories:

  • Community transport
  • Road conditions
  • Traffic signs and lights
  • Public areas, green areas
  • Other

It is possible to provide details of the problem, and even photos can be attached to the report for easier identification. The submitted report arrives at the central information email address of the Municipal Government of Szeged, from where it gets forwarded to its competent office. If the user provides his/her email address, s/he can also receive feedback about the progress of the correction of the defect.

Greeen formers help


The Greenformers Go application is used to provide information for passengers online. With it, users can collect information about the timetables of Szeged’s community transport vehicles and, using GPS signals, can check their location on a map. It is possible to find the timetables of nearby stops, but searches can also be filtered for service frequency and stops. Typically, timetables are dynamic: data, which come from dashboard GPSs, are refreshed every thirty seconds. If, for any reason, refreshing with real data should fail, the application makes an estimate, and information is supplied to the user about such alternative operation.

Greeen formers go