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Modifier 27 May 2021
by City of Ventspils & Valmeria

Prototyping Workshop in Ventspils!

Ventspils prototyping workshop
In October 2020 the Foundation “Ventspils High Technology Park” opened a Prototyping Workshop in Ventspils in cooperation with “Aspired” Ltd. and the services are currently available to all residents, students, start-ups, and other enthusiasts in the region. The Prototyping Workshop aims to promote the development and manufacture of new products in various fields, including education technology. The Workshop offers innovative solutions by providing users with modern equipment and high-quality raw materials, as well as professional support and consultations from industry specialists.

Prototyping has a critical and distinct place in the innovation process. Simply put, prototyping is the bridge between concepts and a refined solution. The Prototyping Workshop is a place where everyone is invited to create new products or parts thereof, make improvements to existing prototypes, 3D models, mechanisms, metal, and wood structures, as well as receive technical guidance on how to develop and bring their innovative ideas to life. Workshop is currently operating in test mode, all services and consultations are available to the public.

The Ventspils Prototyping Workshop provides the following equipment and materials:

CNC Machine for Woodworking

Computer-aided cutting of sheet materials allows the creation of 2D/3D objects from vector graphics or 3D models. You can customize housings, furniture, design objects, fasteners, and everything else that can be manufactured from 2D and 3D cutting of sheet materials. Materials are available: plywood, wood, veneer, plastics, complex, etc.

Workshop machines


CNC Machine for Rapid Prototyping

A four-axis CNC machine for light metal and plastic able to fit workpieces up to 600x400x200mm in size. Allows creating various designs from a 3D model with very high precision up to 10 μm. The machine operates at high shaft speeds providing a mirror-smooth end surface, eliminating the need for post-processing. Able to design parts, mechanical elements, printing molds, electronics housings, and high-reliability product samples.

3D printers

Production of 3D models using FDM and UV LCD printing technology. Complete with a 3D scanner.

Computer software

Solidworks and SolidCam – for the technical drawing of 2D/3D objects and preparation of CNC files.

Soldering station

Soldering of electronic components on printing plates, soldering of wires, and connectors.

Welding equipment

"Stick welding", MIG, TIG with and without gas welding, a device for mutual welding of steel structures and parts.

Universal Drilling/Milling Machine

"Accessories" for the manufacture of complex products.

Paint Booth

A "Wet" paint shop for the use of a paint gun. Available for post-processing of parts, i.e. priming, painting, varnishing in a controlled environment with a low amount of dust and fumes.

A Wide Range of Hand Tools

"Accessories" for the manufacture of complex products.

The Prototyping Workshop is located in Ventspils, on the premises of “Aspired” Ltd. at Ventspils High Technology Park 5. To find out more about the Workshop and to apply for a consultation, call +371 20223066 or send your e-mail to .