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Modifier 24 September 2020
by MILMA project team

MILMA inaugurates the new training facility "Los Arcos"

MILMA inaugurates the new training facility "Los Arcos"
MILMA inaugurates the new training facility "Los Arcos"
The opening of this renewed facilities will host two of the trainings planned for this 3rd edition of Milma Project: Hospital warden and Installation of light pavements. And will also host some of the trainings in the 4th edition.

The building counts with two classrooms - workshops, one computer classroom, one big multipurpose room, a reception hall and one inner courtyard which communicates the different spaces.
We are very proud of this specific construction project because Los Arcos is an important building in the history of Fuenlabrada, and, thanks to MILMA and the UIA funds we have been able to rehabilitate and breathe life again into this space.
Several departments have been involved in this project, from the conception till the execution: Architecture and Urbanism, Citizen participation and Infrastructures, Sustainable urban development and the municipality and the Major himself.
The work project has focused on the recuperation and conservation of the original building dating from 1944. This space intended to create a new primary school since the previous was destroyed during the civil war.
The rehabilitation of the ceiling is particularly relevant as you can appreciate in the picture: the beautiful roof supported by a wooden framework which remains intact after 75 years.
We have also recovered the exterior structure which gives name to the building and which had been hidden since long ago, two porticos with semi-circular arches and popularly known as Los Arcos “The Arches”.

MILMA inaugurates the new training facility "Los Arcos"
One of the interesting facts about this building is the participation in the filming A Girl from Chicago, from the Spanish director Mur Oti with the participation of some neighbours from Fuenlabrada.
We are very excited about this new facility which will serve as well as a point of reunion and cohabitation since it is placed in the very centre of the city, a very multicultural neighbourhood.