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Your input is needed for the Air Quality Partnership!

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The Urban Partnership for Air Quality is developing "Guidelines for Cities - Air Quality Action Plans" and to this end, it needs to collect evidence on the way cities are drafting and implementing existing Air Quality Plans. Fill in the questionnaire to contribute

The Urban Agenda for the EU is a new working method to ensure maximum utilisation of the growth potential of cities and to successfully tackle social challenges. It aims to promote cooperation between Member States, Cities, the European Commission and other stakeholders, in order to stimulate growth, livability and innovation in the cities of Europe. In this framework, the Urban Partnership for Air Quality* is contributing to formulate proposals for better regulation, better funding and better knowledge, notably promoting actions having positive impacts on the health of citizens. The Partnership aims also at developing ‘Guidelines for Cities Air Quality Action Plans’ and now needs to collect evidence on the way cities are drafting and implementing existing Air Quality Plans.

To this end, the Urban Air Quality Partnership counts on your support to respond to a brief questionnaire (downloable on this page).

While filling in the questionnaire will only take a few minutes of your time, your inputs would be extremely valuable for the Partnership to craft evidence-based recommendations that are drawn on your experience and knowledge.

It would be ideal if the questionnaire were filled in by an expert who has been involved in drafting and implementing your Local Air Quality Plan.

The questionnaire duly filled-in should be sent at the latest by 15th May 2017 to the Secretariat for the Urban Partnership for Air Quality at the following email address:

Thank you for your valuable inputs!

*The Urban Partnership for Air Quality is actively supported by four Member States, five cities, as well as by European associations, EU institutions and programmes, including URBACT. 

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