News Modifier 14 December 2016

UIA video: bold solutions to complex urban challenges

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Watch our video and find out how the UIA can help urban authorities across Europe solve the challenges they face.

72% of the total EU population live in cities, towns and suburbs. Urban areas face multiple and interconnected challenges related to employment, migration, demography, water and soil pollution… But, they are also engines of new ideas and solutions, dynamic places where changes happen on a larger scale and at a fast pace.

To answer the increasingly complex challenges they face, urban authorities need to go beyond traditional policies and services - they need to be bold and innovative.

Urban Innovative Actions provides resources to urban authorities of more than 50,000 inhabitants to test and implement innovative project ideas. By co-financing up to 80% of a project’s activities, and with the help of UIA experts who will advise the project and capture the knowledge it generates, UIA offers urban authorities with the possibility to take a risk and experiment the most innovative and creative solutions to answer the challenges they face.

The UIA video summarises in a nutshell what UIA is and how it can support urban authorities implementing new solutions.


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