News Modifier 16 September 2017

The UIA needs your expertise!

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Grab your chance to work with this exciting Initiative! The UIA is looking to recruit motivated professionals as experts to support the implementation of projects of the second Call for Proposals as well as specialists to undertake the Strategic Assessment of the proposals submitted under Call 3.

The UIA relies on the work of experts to help deliver two important work streams of the initiative. Firstly, the UIA recruits for each Call for Proposals a panel of independent experts who is in charge of the Strategic assessment of the eligible project proposals submitted in the framework of each UIA Call for Proposals. Within the panel, a Topic Coordinator for each theme is assigned in order to ensure a homogenous assessment and scoring within the group of experts. Secondly, the UIA enlists a group of experts (the UIA Experts) who support urban authorities in the delivery of the approved projects. Here, one expert provides guidance to one given project for its whole duration (four years) documenting through a series of outputs how it has tackled the main challenges in its implementation.

Two types of expert roles, two types of competences needed

As mentioned above, the roles of the experts recruited by the initiative are diverse. Therefore, two kinds of skill sets are required. To join the panel of experts for the Strategic Assessment, candidates wishing to be assessors must have experience in the assessment and evaluation of projects as well as having an excellent knowledge of the topic the proposals have been submitted under coupled with a good understanding of sustainable urban development. For those wishing to take on the role of Topic Coordinator, they should possess the same experience as assessors and in addition demonstrate their capacity to manage a group of experts from different nationalities as well as the competence to ensure the consistency of scoring and comments produced by the group of assessors.

To become a UIA Expert, candidates should demonstrate a good understanding and direct experience of working on the challenges for integrated sustainable urban development in Europe as well as of the potential for experimentation of innovative solutions. Good knowledge and experience of mechanisms, tools and methods for the implementation of innovative urban projects (including leadership, public procurement, participative approach, integration of municipal services, measurement of results, etc.) will also be seen as an advantage.

The daily rate of both types of experts is fixed at EUR 750, VAT included. Costs for travel and accommodation are covered on top of this daily fee.

Has your interest been piqued and want to apply?

If you think you have the right skills and would like to have the possibility to either assess bold and innovative solutions or to support pioneering urban authorities in implementing bold and innovative ideas then lookout for the upcoming opportunities this year.

The Call for UIA Experts for the approved projects of the second Call for Proposals will open in October 2017 once the selected projects have been announced during the European Week of Regions and Cities (EWRC) on 10 October. The selected projects will be published on our website and listed in the Call for Applicants for UIA Experts in order for applicants to select the project they wish to work with as well as demonstrate they are the best candidates.

The Call to apply to become an assessor for the UIA third Call for Proposals will open in December 2017 (see topics of call here).

You will be able to find all the information on both calls on the UIA website once they are published during the autumn. In the meantime, please keep up to date with the news published on the website, newsletters, twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


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