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UIA knowledge: first UIA Expert journals published

UIA journals
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Learn how the first Call projects are being implemented and the challenges faced in the UIA Expert journals.

UIA projects are pioneering actions that have never been tested in the EU. In the first Call for Proposals, 17 bold solutions were selected from cities across Europe to address the topics of the energy transition, integration of migrants and refugees, jobs and skills in the local economy and urban poverty.

In order to capture and help share the unique knowledge that will be produced by these innovative projects a UIA Expert was recruited for each project in order to provide an analysis on what is being implemented on the ground. As UIA projects focus on different themes, common issues have been identified that will however be faced by all to some extent: the challenges of the implementation of innovative projects. The UIA has identified seven challenges which are:

  • leadership for implementation,
  • (smart) public procurement (using public spending to leverage more local innovation),
  • organisational arrangements within urban authorities to deliver integrated innovative projects (cross-department working),
  • participative approach for co-implementation (incl. private partners),
  • monitoring & evaluation (measurement),
  • communicating with target beneficiaries and;  
  • upscaling (incl. resizing/re-planning interventions).


You can find a full description on what these are along with examples in our paper on the challenges for implementation.

The UIA Experts have been working during the last months in order to understand how the implementation is faring since it began in November 2016. They have translated this information into a journal that provides information on the EU and local policy context, describes what has been put in place since the project’s start as well as the challenges it has faced so far including what has been done to overcome them. UIA projects will not all face the same challenges and if they do this will be to a different degree.

Read the first UIA Journals in the individual project webpages. Under each topic a selection of journals is now available: Antwerp, Barcelona, Birmingham, Madrid, Paris, Pozzuoli, Rotterdam, Milan, Bilbao, Utrecht, Gothenburg, Bologna, Lille, Nantes, Viladecans and Vienna.

The series of UIA Expert journals will be published on a bi-annual basis. The knowledge and information included is not only an analytical document but also a useful tool for other city practitioners and stakeholders to use in the development of their own policies and strategies. The second journal will be available in the spring of 2018.


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