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Modifier 30 September 2021
by City of Szeged

No-cars Day in Szeged!

No-car day
No-car day
Visitors to the no-cars day could take part in several programmes at a number of sites in Szeged on 22 September 2021.

One of these programmes was a biker’s breakfast. At Anna Well, bikers stopped not only because the traffic light was red to give way to the Pesa trams travelling to Europe Grove: almost everyone also pulled the brakes in Radio 88’s beach flag tunnel. The bikers’ breakfast was held here, where – as usual – bikers were given cocoa (and)/or pizza rolls, fruit juices, sweet curd bars and even Pick snack sausages, handed out by students of Fodor Secondary School. At the Szeged on Bike mini service point, tyres were inflated, chains never or long ago oiled were oiled – and many bikers seized the opportunity.

Without an exception, the bikers who stopped for a few seconds or slowed down said they had used the bicycle for years as it is a much faster means to get to work and easier to stop and park near their workplace compared to the car or community transport.