News Modifier 14 December 2018

Christmas urban reading! New Projects’ journals available online

UIA journals
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With the first two call for Proposals, UIA has created 33 urban laboratories to test some of the most bold and experimental solutions to major societal challenges. Incredibly interesting things are happening in these laboratories!

Completely new local partnerships are being shaped with municipalities and other public authorities sharing the risk of the testing phase with NGOs, multinationals as well as startups and social innovators. New models of governance to bring together such a diverse range of actors are continually tested and improved. Municipal teams are being re-shaped, bringing in new profiles and skills able to manage the complexity of an UIA project. New techniques for the involvement of a wide range of final beneficiaries as well as new models for the financial sustainability are being experimented and assessed. Last but not least new approaches and theories for impact evaluation are being tested for the first time in an urban environment.

These urban laboratories are generating an extremely rich wealth of knowledge. Local stakeholders involved report  that their UIA project is first of all a learning experience . An experience that is slowly but surely is influencing their way of working in other projects and policy fields.
We believe that the knowledge and experiences generated by UIA projects could be particularly valuable for other European cities too. UIA projects can be source of inspiration but also evidence based experiences to avoid mistakes and failures in future.

This is why UIA is investing in UIA Experts to capture and share the main learning point on what does it mean to implement bold, participative and risky urban projects.

The best way for you to stay up to date with projects' progresses and learn from their experiences is to read the Projects' Journals that experts are producing every six months. 

We are happy to announce that the 3rd issue of the Journals for Call 1 projects as well as the first issue of Journals for Call 2 projects are now online!

We hope you enjoy the reading, that you will learn from it and we invite you to share with us your comments.



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