Modifier 10 September 2019

Call for External Experts to assess Call 5 project applications now open!

Experts at work
Apply to the Call for Applications to join the Panel of External Experts (Assessors) for the Strategic Assessment of the UIA fifth Call for Proposals by 15 November 2019.

The Urban Innovative Actions Initiative is looking for candidates for the constitution of a Panel of External Experts (Assessors) for the Strategic assessment of project proposals submitted in the framework of its fifth UIA Call for Proposals. The panel will be composed of four Topic Coordinators (one for each topic) and around 20 assessors (5 for each topic, depending on the number of project proposals received for each topic) on the four main topics identified for the fifth Call for Proposals:
•    Demographic change
•    Circular economy
•    Air Quality
•    Culture and Cultural heritage

The Strategic assessment is a key step of the selection process of the UIA projects. It accounts for 80% of the weighting given to the overall project assessment and consists of the following criteria: innovativeness, partnership, measurability and transferability. 
UIA is looking for experts with in depth knowledge of the topic (and sub-topics) addressed by the fourth Call for Proposals as well as proven track record of assessment of innovative urban projects.
Interested candidates are invited to visit the dedicated tender page to find out further on the application process. 
The deadline for the submission of the requested documents is 15 November 2019.


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