News Modifier 31 May 2018

The 2nd issues of the Projects' Journals hot off the press!

2nd issue of the Journals
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Selected in 2016, the 16 projects of the 1st UIA Call for Proposals are now in what is probably the most exciting phase of their 3 years journey.
New or renovated buildings are being open, activities are taking place at a very intense pace, Third sector actors are being actively involved, new technologies are being tested and, more importantly, citizens start feeling the benefits of the projects while success stories are making the headlines of local media.
The journeys so far have been punctuated by different challenges, but all projects have demonstrated impressive problem-solving capacities. Together civil servants and Delivery Partners are progressively defining and testing the most effective ways to work together and deliver highly innovative and experimental projects. This is generating a continuous learning process for all actors involved.
The best way to stay up to date with the progresses and achievements of the 16 projects, but also to learn how they are overcoming the challenges of the implementation phase is to read the UIA Project Journals published each 6 months.
In the first issues UIA Experts introduced the projects and fixed the main challenges that each would have faced in the months to come.
With the second issues being published now it is time to know more on the milestones achieved so far, to read interviews with the main local actors, to learn more how projects are organizing their impact evaluation, to discover the UIA Experts' analysis of the main challenges faced by the projects.
So far we have published the second issue of the Project Journal for Antwerp, Barcelona, Bilbao, Birmingham, Madrid, Pozzuoli and Rotterdam.  The others will be published on the projects’ webpages in the coming weeks.

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