UrbanSoil4Food's urban gardens
Short description
More than 7,000 m2 of urban gardens will be created within the Urban Soil 4 Food pilot project.
In addition to two workshops organized by the partner of the project in April and May to advise the interested public about permaculture, how to maintain a garden without digging and about efficient urban gardening, we will actively participate in events within one of the biggest summer festivals in this part of Europe - Lent Festival.
The recognizable part of the festival is definitely Art Camp, a collection of workshops on the topic of natural science, environmental protection and the development of the social competences of young people. More than 300 active participants prepare a 10-day experience for children and their parents in Maribor`s central park.

In our workshops we will get creative with waste tetra Pak and plastic bottles; this way we will demonstrate, how small steps on a personal level are just as important for a successful transition from linear to circular economy. We will also set up the first vertical garden, which will make Art Kamp events more enjoyable and will remain in the park for the duration of the Urban soil 4 food project. The project of a vertical garden in the park will serve as a learning example for the establishment of more gardens that we have envisaged in the project Urban soil 4 food. The installation of a vertical garden will be a fun circular project, since we will use recycled materials for vertical garden construction and combine them with the woodworking skills of local carpenters. In this way, we will materialize our mission to collaborate, which is also an important aspect not only in the pilot project, but also in general. Workshops will take place from 22nd until 30th of June.