Network of compabnies collaborating on MILMA
Short description
On 28 November 2018, 40 enterprises and entities have signed a Protocol with the City Hall of Fuenlabrada to collaborate on the MILMA project on innovation, employment and entrepreneurship.

The Mayor of Fuenlabrada Javier Ayala has presented the Project Companies Network, which is composed by at least 40 different enterprises and entities. Some of those companies are located in Fuenlabrada while other ones are international companies. Most of these companies belong to the seven market niches detected as new technologies, environmental protection or industry. 

“The objective is to establish a collaborative and cooperative framework between the different entities and enterprises and the City Hall so that the employability of unemployed people improves as well as entrepreneurship, integration and non-discrimination”, said the Mayor. 
Companies will collaborate in the achievement of MILMA’s objective: the generation of an innovative model of access to employment and training for unemployed people.  
From 2019 on, the company network will co-manage BC-Labs by defining the theoretical and practical training modules, giving lessons according to areas of their professional expertise, offering internships or jobs, and supporting new business initiatives (business challenges).
Even if we have already achieved the collaboration of a large number of companies in our project, this Network is still open to new incorporations and cooperation proposals in order to promote one of the main project objectives: the stimulation of public-private collaboration.