new urban gardens in Maribor
Short description
The past summer period in Maribor was dedicated to arranging the planned area, where new urban gardens will be created, thanks to the pilot project Urban soil 4 food.

Also, we have presented the first vertical garden to the public during the biggest summer festival in this part of Europe - the Lent Festival, on which herbs, vegetables and flowers grew and has gathered a lot of attention in Maribor`s city park.

Preparing a garden was also an educational experience, as volunteers learned for the first time about the use of wool in gardening. Wool, which is an excellent insulator and from which water flows perfectly, was used to protect planted plants against weather effects. All the visitors were able to enjoy the fruits of the vertical garden and the nearby restaurant used the available herbs. That way, cooperative economy as an essential part of circular economy and our project has been given a concrete for through the sharing of garden plants.

Picture 2.jpg

In the autumn, we have started to further prepare the area near the Pekre creek, where the arrangement of new urban gardens is planned in the area of 7,400 square meters. Before the winter, we will get the land there ready for its new role in the spring.