Milma Commission Research and Analysis
Short description
Ten entities attended the first meeting for the constitution of the Commission that will be responsible for supporting the dissemination of training actions and ensuring the diversity approach.

Through the intermediation of the Department of Citizen Participation and the Table of Coexistence, the technical team of the Project met on 19 February with ten entities and associations that have shown interest in participating in the aforementioned commission.

This Commission will meet quarterly to assess the scope and impact of the Project in the population with which they work, as well as to propose dissemination actions, promoting the participation of citizens.

The entities that attended were: FAMPA, CAI, Arbi Fuenla, AA VV Las Provincias, CCIF, Casa Regional Andaluza, CC OO, ASOCUBA, Cruz Roja, Centro de Cultura Islámica de Fuenlabrada and AMIA. This commission is open to the participation of other entities that want to join the project. We will continue reporting on the progress made.