BRIDGE Rotterdam UIA
Short description
The BRIDGE project is beginning to increasingly resemble a snowball. It has now been four months since the public launch, and BRIDGE is growing and gaining momentum. An increasing number of parties are finding each other in their collective mission to offer the young people from Zuid a stronger position on the labour market.

The Career Start Guarantees method (CSG) to combat youth unemployment in Zuid is also gaining ever more allies. With the CSGs, employers guarantee young people their first job if they opt for a specific MBO (secondary vocational education) study option in the healthcare, technical or food sectors. And now that the economy is growing once more, the labour shortage in these sectors is also growing. It is therefore time for prompt action, according to employers.

The decision to join BRIDGE's CSGs is quickly made. The construction sector has recently joined and has also agreed to issue CSGs. It is very happy to do so. And preferably sooner rather than later. This is because the construction momentum is now hitting its stride in Rotterdam South. For example, a new stadium has to be built for the Feyenoord sports club and the former marshalling yard near the station needs to be rapidly converted into residential districts offering hundreds of homes. The Heart of South project (Hart van Zuid project) is providing another major construction boost in Zuid. The Zuidplein covered shopping centre and the public transport hub are being renewed, a new competition swimming pool will be built, as will an arts centre, including a theatre and library, and the Ahoy Convention Centre will undergo extensive expansion and renovation. Therefore, construction workers are in very high demand. This means that CSG is nothing more than a logical step.

Employers in the construction sector are also keen to participate in the Gaan voor een baan! (Go for a job!) event. that will be held on 7 November. Hundreds of pupils from Rotterdam South will visit the event where employers and training courses in the healthcare, construction, technical and food sectors will give presentations. The enthusiasm and spirit involved in participating (employers) and visiting (pupils) is now so great that multiple additional halls have been booked at the events venue to ensure there is enough room for everyone.

Author: Edwin Cornelisse, communications adviser for BRIDGE and the National Programme for Rotterdam Zuid (NPRZ).