AS FABRIK Bilbao Beta II building
Short description
In his fourth Journal, Willem van Winden discusses all key activities that you need to know about AS-FABRIK. Most importantly, Willem shares his thoughts on KIBS (Knowledge Intensive Business Services) and how AS-FABRIK is dealing with them not only internally within the project but also in relation to parallel European activities in the same field. The latter is rather important for the project as it ensures its scalability and transferability potential on the one hand, but also reveals interesting insights about the process itself.

In addition, Willem looks in the mentoring activity of AS-FABRIK in terms of how companies are being assisted to identify collaboration partners and develop strategic partnerships for innovation in the area.
The journal also discusses the key implementation challenges that lie ahead in Bilbao. Communicating with firms about AS-FABRIK and their involvement in the process as well as raising awareness about the benefit and results of new partnerships to firms are clear standouts so far. In addition, maintaining an integrated/participative approach after the UIA funding ends, achieving local scaling, and financing that relies on the ability to reach more companies and the ability to find funding for a continuation of the activities on the long run are also in the mix. Read through to find out how Bilbao copes with them!