Heraklion Journal 1
Short description
Get to know the initial achievements of Heraklion in the first UIA Expert journal.

In her first journal, UIA Expert Christina Marouli describes how “food waste is a significant environmental and social problem worldwide. In the European Union, approximately 20% of produced food is wasted, an equivalent of 173 kg per person per year. Heraklion fares even worse than this EU average. Food waste generation in Heraklion has been estimated to rise to 201 kg per person per year, and to 142 kg per person per year for households. (…) In this context, the project started in March 2018 and in its first 6 months has progressed with its initial actions with some obstacles and approximate 2 month delays in some actions, primarily related with licensing and procurement processes.“
Read what else has happened since the project’s initiation in the first journal!