A2UFOOD partners meeting
Short description
A2UFOOD partners held their second meeting on 25-26 February 2019 in Athens at Harokopio University to discuss progress of the project and work together towards the goal of circular economy, source separation and enhancement of composting in the Municipality of Heraklion.

The project presents a holistic management scheme in which all aspects of circular waste management are included, meaning reduction of Avoidable food waste (AFW), utilisation of Unavoidable food waste (UFW) as raw materials, and proper final disposal/management of UFW.

In the core of the A2UFood project is the hospitality sector (hotels and restaurants) using a range of innovative tools as for example, a software for supporting families to reduce the AFW, a software / hardware for reducing AFW in restaurants / hotels, a second opportunity food restaurant, a bio-plastic bio-refinery production system for UFW utilisation (production of compostable bags), a range of state of the art autonomous composting units, where treatment will take place on site, next to the households producing the wastes (utilizing the compostable bags mentioned above).
The project is expected to succeed in the reduction of the amounts of AFW, utilize UFW as raw materials and treat them in an environmentally friendly and economic beneficiary manner. In addition, our goal is to make all experiences, knowledge, information and data, available for anyone who would like to transfer and apply the A2UFood scheme in other urban environments.