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Home Silk Road - Housing toward empowerment

Lyon Metropole - France

Mobile, Modular Housing: Building Blocks for Inclusion? The Metropole of Lyon Tests them as Part of Home Silk Road

Image Source: GIE Autre Soie This summer a small group of modular housing units appeared on the site of the Home Silk Road Project in Villeurbanne..

Home Silk Road - Housing toward empowerment

Lyon Metropole - France

HSR Zoom In 1: Home Silk Road and Housing First in the Metropole of Lyon

Image Source: L'Autre Soie, May 2018 This Zoom-In takes a close look at how the Home Silk Road UIA Project fits into the broader Housing First str..

Antwerp Circular South - engaging the community in an online and offline circular economy

Antwerp - Belgium

Café CIRCUIT @ the Circular South Community Centre in times of COVID 19

Circuit, the Circular South Community Centre, is the visible and static part of Antwerp Circular South. It engages with citizens through co-creating a..

NextGen Microcities - Next Generation Micro Cities of Europe

Ventspils & Valmiera - Latvia

Valmiera Vocational Training Center introduces the 3D Virtual Cave, the only such 3D virtual laboratory in Eastern Europe.

Yes We Rent! - Leveraging vacant private property to build up a cooperative affordable housing scheme

Mataró - Spain

First owner signed contract to bring his flat to the ‘Yes, we rent!’ housing scheme

On 28th of September the time had come. The first owner, Antonio Martínez, signed the contract to make his empty flat available to the 'Yes, we rent!'..

GreenQuays - Urban River Regeneration through Nature Inclusive Quays

Breda - The Netherlands

An innovative partnership for innovative GreenQuays in Breda

Coming to the GreenQuays project team in Breda for the first time in June 2020, I have been hooked by the creative design of the planned nature-inclus..

CitiCap - Citizen's cap-and-trade co-created

Lahti - Finland

How does CitiCap project promote sustainable mobility through citizen engagement?

CityCap is getting a lot of attention, both EU- and internationally-wise. It was awarded with the Gitex 2019 Smart City series (biggest technology exh..

BRISE-Vienna - Building Regulations Information for Submission Envolvement

Vienna - Austria

BRISE Vienna - building the future of EU cities

European cities are as diverse as the continent. Some are growing, some are shrinking, but all try to figure out, how data and digital technologies ca..

RESILIO - Resilience nEtwork of Smart Innovative cLImate-adapative rOoftops

Amsterdam - The Netherlands

Blue-Green roofs as accessible space in a 1.5-meter distance world?

Photo of the De Boel smart blue-green roof at Amsterdam Zuid (photo credits: De Dakdokters)..

Les dernières actualités UIA


Save the date! UIA and UDN joining forces to reflect on the future of UIA

Since 2015, UIA is the Urban Lab of Europe, providing EU urban areas with resources to test new and unproven solutions to address urban challenges....
UIA Article
Lahti Project Citicap

Collaboration is key: towards innovative urban mobility strategies

The one-year knowledge activity led by the UIA on urban mobility issues builds on the experience of five UIA funded projects in Albertslund, Lathi, Gh...
UIA Article
Urban mobility
Ignition GMA

Knowledge activities in motion

Building on the knowledge generated by the 86 UIA ongoing projects, the Initiative is leading, together with its partners and UIA cities, three knowle...
UIA Article
19 nov 2020

Housing Fair Finance

As part of a one-year learning activity, URBACT and UIA organised a third and final web conference on Thursday 19 November (10am-12pm CET) on the topi...
Affordable housing
UIA PS is recruiting a Project Officer

UIA is recruiting a Project Officer

The Urban Innovative Actions is opening a vacancy for a Project Officer position to join the Permanent Secretariat (PS) based in Lille (France). Appli...
UIA Article
Birmingham USE IT project

Be a UIA expert for Call 5 newly selected projects!

Apply to be a UIA expert and support one of UIA Call 5 approved projects during 4 years of implementation - the deadline is 04 December 2020....
UIA Article
14 oct 2020

UIA session @EURegionsWeek: How to implement the right to housing?

This year the 18th European Week for Regions and Cities goes online from 5 to 22 October 2020. Follow-up on UIA housing activities and register to the...
14 oct 2020
14 oct 2020

UIA session @EURegionsWeek: Innovation for Urban Mobility

This year the 18th European Week for Regions and Cities goes online from 5 to 22 October 2020. Follow-up on UIA knowledge activities related to urban ...
Urban mobility

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