Call for experts: Just Transitions Capitalisation activity the EU cities’ call for adequate housing

Actualités des projets UIA

Jobs and skills in the local economy

Urban Growth-GSIP Vantaa - Growth and Social investment Pacts for Local Companies in City of Vantaa

Vantaa - Finland

Competence development and management support

Jobs and skills in the local economy
It all started with a recruitment event in winter 2020. The GSIP project organised a tailor-made recruitment event for A-Kumppanit, whi..
Integration of migrants and refugees

MILMA Project - Migrants Labour Integration Model based on Acculturation Project

Fuenlabrada - Spain

Managing Cultural Diversity In Companies on-line event

Integration of migrants and refugees
On 29 April 2021, the online event: Management of Cultural Diversity in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, co-organized by the MILMA P..
Urban mobility

SASMob - Smart Alliance for Sustainable Mobility

Szeged - Hungary

Traffic amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic: car traffic fell back during the first wave, then began to slowly but surely increase again

Urban mobility
We are driving around in the city centre, looking for a place to park. Meanwhile, means of community transport are less used. The reaso..
Circular economy

Super Circular Estate - First Circular Social Housing Estate for 100% Material and Social Circularity

Kerkrade - The Netherlands

Update from Kerkrade: the area of Super Circular Estate in April 2021

Circular economy
A lot has happened in the Super Circular Estate project area in recent years. Check out more in the video!..
Sustainable use of land and nature based solutions

GreenQuays - Urban River Regeneration through Nature Inclusive Quays

Breda - The Netherlands

The brickwork story behind GreenQuays

Sustainable use of land and nature based solutions
Nature-Inclusive Quays (NIQ) are the core of innovative solutions of the GreenQuays project in Breda. The vertical quay walls of the re..
Urban security

To-nite - Community-based urban security

Turin - Italy

The first of a thousand nights, ToNite’s launch event

Urban security
ToNite, a project of social inclusion with the goal of improving the common perception of safety during late hours near the area of riv..
Climate adaptation

IGNITION - Innovative financinG aNd delIvery of naTural clImate sOlutioNs in Greater Manchester

Greater Manchester - United Kingdom

The IGNITION project: How support for greenspace has increased during Covid-19 pandemic

Climate adaptation
The multiple and immensely negative impacts of the COVID-19 crisis are felt almost everywhere and at all times. When the IGNITION proje..
Air quality

AIR-HERITAGE - Improving the environmental quality of the City of Portici: Monitoring, Modelling, and Mitigating Air Pollution through participated and efficient Policies

Portici - Italy

Air Heritage Journal 2: get an update about Portici's project latest achievements

Air quality
This second Journal presents AIR-HERITAGE key achievements to date and describes how the various challenges faced, have evolved over ti..
Urban poverty

CAPACITyES - Children Against Poverty Awake the CITy Education System

Bergamo - Italy

CAPACITYES Journal 1: get an update on Bergamo's project

Urban poverty
The CAPACITyES project focuses on the fight against urban poverty. The added value of this approach lies in the fact that the project p..

Les dernières actualités UIA

IURC open call for EU cities

The International Urban and Regional Cooperation Programme is calling for EU cities!

The doors are open for you to apply for the International Urban and Regional Cooperation programme, an opportunity for your city or region and local s...
UIA Article
22 avr 2021

Cities engaging in the right to housing: a call for a long-term political commitment

UIA & URBACT are organising a final event featuring the main results of the culminating activity of Cities Engaging in the Right to Housing - a 1.5 ye...
Affordable housing
UIA & Cohesion Policy: Bridging UIA & Cohesion Policy; how to optimize UIA added value?

Bridging UIA & Cohesion Policy: how to optimize UIA added value?

UIA and the Urban Development Network (UDN) are joining forces to organise a series of three webinars on UIA, achievements and perspectives. The sec...
UIA Article
UIA Achievements: What has been achieved so far?

UIA Achievements: What has been achieved so far?

The Urban Innovative Actions (UIA) and the Urban Development Network (UDN) are joining forces to organise a series of three webinars on UIA, achieveme...
UIA Article
11 mar 2021

Rethinking monitoring and evaluation practices: UIA lessons learnt

In 2020, UIA, together with Ecorys, explored the different approaches of on-going UIA projects to capture the impact of the innovative interventions. ...
UIA autre Soie Credits Noé Bravoux

EU cities explore fair finance to boost adequate and affordable housing

Local government actions to regulate housing markets and combat exclusion are showcased in a joint URBACT-UIA initiative running through 2020....
UIA Article
Affordable housing
03 fév 2021
17 fév 2021

Urban Development Network webinars: UIA, achievements and perspectives

With 86 projects supported, UIA has entered in a decisive phase in 2020, aiming at transferring, through the Knowledge Management Strategy, the wealth...
URBACT transfer mechanism for UIA practices is launched!

URBACT transfer mechanism for UIA practices is launched!

We are glad to announce that URBACT has launched the Call for a pilot mechanism to transfer the most successful UIA experiences to other cities facing...
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