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URBACT transfer mechanism for UIA practices is launched!

Actualités des projets UIA

CAPACITyES - Children Against Poverty Awake the CITy Education System

Bergamo - Italy

An alternative experience of cohousing: children, and migrants cooperating for innovative solutions!

Bergamo had the great misfortune of being among the first cities in Europe to have been affected by the effects of COVID 19, when all o..
Jobs and skills in the local economy

P4W - Passport4Work an intersectoral skills passport with gamified skills assessment and improvement

Eindhoven - The Netherlands

Passport4Work completes series of tests of first prototype (video)

Jobs and skills in the local economy
In his 1st zoom-in, P4W expert Ronald Lievens, explores why soft skills are a key part of the Passport4Work project. Especially in thes..
Affordable housing

Cluj Future of Work

Cluj-Napoca - Romania

Cluj Future of Work Zoom-in 1: Pata-Rât and the future of work

Affordable housing
The first Zoom In of Cluj Future of Work is on Pata-Rât, a Roma settlement located near the city landfill which is one of the main focu..
Digital transition

VoxPop - People, Processes & Technology towards the digital transformation of the urban mobility system of Lisbon

Lisbon - Portugal

VoxPop has developed its first value proposition, a secure bike parking solution as an enabler of cycling in the City of Lisbon

Digital transition
Covid-19 led to major changes in the way people move. In Lisbon, as in many other cities worldwide, bicycles took over the streets once..

OASIS - School yards: Openness, Adaptation, Sensitisation, Innovation and Social ties: Design and transformation of local urban areas adapted to climate change, working jointly with users

Paris - France

The OASIS journey: From the co-design process to the final transformation of schoolyards

In her first Zoom-in, Maria Sitzoglou, UIA Expert for the OASIS Schoolyards project, presents the project journey from the co-design ph..

GUARDIAN - Green Urban Actions for Resilient fire Defence of the Interface Area

Riba-roja de Túria - Spain

The water reclamation plant

In the 1st zoom-in of the GUARDIAN project, UIA expert Elsa Pastor dives into the first piece of water infrastructure designed and impl..
Climate adaptation

GUARDIAN - Green Urban Actions for Resilient fire Defence of the Interface Area

Riba-roja de Túria - Spain

Unsupervised irrigation, how GUARDIAN scientists satisfy their thirst for innovation

Climate adaptation
Automatic preventive irrigation through water canyons is one of the several fire management actions that GUARDIAN is implementing at La..

SASMob - Smart Alliance for Sustainable Mobility

Szeged - Hungary

Joint Success of SASMob Project and Regular Events in Szeged by the Tisza River

Aachen, Bratislava, Helsinki, Madrid, Réthimno, Sarajevo, Szeged – these seven cities introduced their transportation solutions in an ..
Climate adaptation

RESILIO - Resilience nEtwork of Smart Innovative cLImate-adapative rOoftops

Amsterdam - The Netherlands

Assessing the hydraulic performance of Blue-Green Infrastructure: the case study of Amsterdam's adaptive smart network blue-green roofs

Climate adaptation
A stepped process to evaluate the true potential of adaptive-blue green roofs for reducing flood risk ..

Les dernières actualités UIA

UIA autre Soie Credits Noé Bravoux

EU cities explore fair finance to boost adequate and affordable housing

Local government actions to regulate housing markets and combat exclusion are showcased in a joint URBACT-UIA initiative running through 2020....
UIA Article
Affordable housing
03 fév 2021
17 fév 2021

Urban Development Network webinars: UIA, achievements and perspectives

With 86 projects supported, UIA has entered in a decisive phase in 2020, aiming at transferring, through the Knowledge Management Strategy, the wealth...
URBACT transfer mechanism for UIA practices is launched!

URBACT transfer mechanism for UIA practices is launched!

We are glad to announce that URBACT has launched the Call for a pilot mechanism to transfer the most successful UIA experiences to other cities facing...
UIA Article
01 déc 2020

Behaviour change for sustainable mobility -Join the online event!

On 1 December, Urban Innovative Actions Initiative and the Policy Learning Platform of Interreg Europe are joining forces to reflect on behavior chang...
Urban mobility

Save the date! UIA and UDN joining forces to reflect on the future of UIA

Since 2015, UIA is the Urban Lab of Europe, providing EU urban areas with resources to test new and unproven solutions to address urban challenges....
UIA Article
Lahti Project Citicap

Collaboration is key: towards innovative urban mobility strategies

The one-year knowledge activity led by the UIA on urban mobility issues builds on the experience of five UIA funded projects in Albertslund, Lathi, Gh...
UIA Article
Urban mobility
Green quays

4 articles, 4 projects, 4 inspiring practices rethinking urban and nature relationship

With climate change and biodiversity loss consequences, many challenges are ahead of EU cities in order to rethink the place and importance of nature ...
UIA Article
19 nov 2020

Housing Fair Finance

As part of a one-year learning activity, URBACT and UIA organised a third and final web conference on Thursday 19 November (10am-12pm CET) on the topi...
Affordable housing

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