5th Call for Proposals

Launch of the Call: 16 September 2019
Applicant seminars in October & November 2019
Closure of the Call: 12 December 2019

Join the Panel of External Experts to assess project proposals for Call 5

News from the UIA projects

SASMob - Smart Alliance for Sustainable Mobility

Szeged - Hungary

Smart Applications Soon To Support Szeged Companies: Employees’ Travel To Work Will Be More Efficient

At first sight, the developments worked out under the SASMob Project may seem posh entertainment gadgets – but the truth is far from that superficial ..

GBG_AS2C - Blue, Green & Grey_Adapting Schools to Climate Change

Barcelona - Spain

The team behind Oasis project in Paris visits Barcelona

Like GBG_AS2C, Paris also has its own climate refuge project in schools. There, they are known as ‘climate oases’, but their purpose is the same: turn..

S.A.L.U.S. ‘W’ SPACE - Sustainable Accessible Livable Usable Social space for intercultural Wellbeing, Welfare and Welcoming

Bologna - Italy

SALUS SPACE: working on buildings and communities

The construction works have finally started in Bologna, in the area where the old clinic Villa Salus used to stand. Meanwhile, community building acti..

AVEIRO STEAM CITY - Urban Network for Upgrading STEAM Skills and Increasing Jobs Added-Value through Digital Transformation in a new economic context

Aveiro - Portugal

Aveiro STEAM City Energy Use Case – Electric “Moliceiros”

Within the project Aveiro STEAM City, the City of Aveiro is leading the Energy use case, planning to change the combustion engines of the traditional ..


Coventry - United-Kingdom

Eight social enterprises awarded in Coventry and Birmingham!

As part of the project’s Social Enterprise scheme, MiFriendly Cities is offering refugees and migrants in Coventry, Birmingham and Wolverhampton the o..

Urban infra revolution - Circular economy materials and novel method development to produce recyclable and functional urban construction products

Lappeenranta - Finland

Mechanical activation of geopolymers at Lappeenranta-Lahti University

The development of a new kind of circulative geopolymer composite material based on side streams of local industries is strongly promoted by the Urban..

E-Co-Housing - Co-creating a Regenerative Housing Project Together with the Community

Budapest - Hungary

Presenting the E-Co Housing project to the public

The E-Co Housing project of Zugló, XIV. district of Budapest was presented to the public on 20th September, ready to make a buzz of novelty and innova..

CURANT - Co-housing and case management for Unaccompanied young adult Refugees in ANTwerp

Antwerp - Belgium

“I saw young people going to all ends to reach their goal”

The project of CURANT finishes at the end of October. In this innovative project, 81 young refugees and 77 youngsters shared an apartment or house, fo..

B-MINCOME - Combining guaranteed minimum income and active social policies in deprived urban areas

Barcelona - Spain

B-MINCOME and the Barcelona’s social and solidarity economy programme

How to set up a city entrepreneurship programme in social, solidarity, and coop economy? Which challenges have been faced and which solutions the city..

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Register for the online one-to-one individual consultation sessions

With the Call 5 deadline quickly approaching, do you have pressing questions that you would like to ask to the Permanent Secretariat? Individual consu...
Call for monitoring and evaluation

UIA Study – Approaches and methodologies for Monitoring and Evaluation of results– Recruitment process open

As part of its Capitalisation activities, the UIA Permanent Secretariat aims to identify the most promising experiences of Monitoring and Evaluation f...
Ravenna docks

From URBACT to UIA: the trajectory and approach of the city of Ravenna

After the testimonies of Bologna, Rotterdam and Turin, you can now read the story from the city of Ravenna, which built upon its experiences in URBACT...
Digital transition
22 Oct
12 Nov

Register to our online support sessions

In addition to the seminars, the Permanent Secretariat will also organise online sessions with applicants – two collective Q&A sessions, on 22 October...
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Launch of UIA Call 5

Launch of the 5th and last UIA call for proposals

The UIA Initiative has launched its fifth Call for Proposals. It will remain open from 16 September 2019 until 12 December 2019 at 2pm CET....
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Circular economy
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Demographic change
Promised land event

Promised land, the future of urban consumption - takeaways

The Municipality of Milan organised in June a two day event to discuss the future skills, new technologies, narratives and policies with which cities ...
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Jobs and skills in the local economy
Urban poverty
Experts at work

Call for External Experts to assess Call 5 project applications now open!

Apply to the Call for Applications to join the Panel of External Experts (Assessors) for the Strategic Assessment of the UIA fifth Call for Proposals ...
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Picture of some of the participants

Call 5 Applicant Seminars now fully booked!

UIA organises two Applicants Seminars – one in Prague (15 October) and one in Brussels (05 November)....
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