Allocation of emission allowances for mobility investigated through a survey

Project : CitiCap - Citizen's cap-and-trade co-created
City : Lahti
Short description
The main objective of the CitiCAP (Citizens’ cap-and-trade co-created) project is to reduce the emissions from urban transport by means of personal carbon trading. Personal emissions are traded using a mobile application based on identification of the form of mobility. An application that identifies the form of mobility and that will be integrated into the final personal carbon trading app has been tested with residents. The fair allocation of personal emission allowances has been investigated with an allocation survey conducted on residents.

International knowledge about geopolymers available

Project : Urban infra revolution - Circular economy materials and novel method development to produce recyclable and functional urban construction products
City : Lappeenranta
Short description
Urban Infra Revolution project’s UIA Expert Dr inż. Kinga Korniejenko visited Lappeenranta in September. She gave open lecture on the 25th of September in the Lappeenranta University of Technlogy.