Home Silk Road

Home Silk Road is a genuine laboratory to build a new inclusive city

Watch the great video from Home Silk Road and see how they will renew the housing approaches by installing vulnerable groups in the heart of the city ...

Home Silk Road - Housing toward empowerment


Lyon Metropole - France

Night shelter of last resort ‘La Halte de Nuit’ in Nantes

5Bridges project and the French national Housing First strategy

This zoom-in explores the potential of a strong link being established between the 5Bridges project and the recent national Housing First strategy lau...

5Bridges - Creating bridges between homeless and local communities

Urban poverty

Nantes - France

AS FABRIK Zoom-in 2

Co-creation and collaboration processes within AS-FABRIK project

This Zoom-in deals with the issue of co-creation in Bilbao, in the framework of AS-FABRIK project, wherein a physical location that will become the be...

AS-Fabrik -Bilbao Alliance for smart specialisation in advanced services towards the digital transformation of the industry

Jobs and skills in the local economy

Bilbao - Spain

"Promised Land" event in Milan

OpenAgri presents “Promised Land: the future of urban consumption”

On June 20th-21st Municipality of Milan organized Promised Land, a two-day event discussing about future skills, new technologies, narratives and poli...

OpenAgri - New Skills for new Jobs in Peri-urban Agriculture 

Jobs and skills in the local economy

Milan - Italy

Pic from the Zoom-in

MILMA Zoom-in 1: The entrepreneurial approach

How entrepreneurship education helps to face challenges in regard to inclusion in the MILMA project....

MILMA Project - Migrants Labour Integration Model based on Acculturation Project

Integration of migrants and refugees

Fuenlabrada - Spain

Pic from the infographics

CURANT Zoom-in 2: Theory of Change

UIA Expert Fabio Sgaragli dives into the details!...

CURANT - Co-housing and case management for Unaccompanied young adult Refugees in ANTwerp

Integration of migrants and refugees

Antwerp - Belgium

Széchenyi Square Swarming with Scooters and Mini Motorbikes

Széchenyi Square Swarming with Scooters and Mini Motorbikes

Promoting biking and walking was the aim of the programme organised in Széchenyi Square on Saturday. Children could test their knowledge in the mini t...

SASMob - Smart Alliance for Sustainable Mobility

Urban mobility

Szeged - Hungary

Visit to the Victoria Square Project. Photo by Levente Polyak

Curing the Limbo Zoom-in 1: From refugees to active citizens

Mapping the Victoria neighbourhood in Athens....

Curing the Limbo - From apathy to active citizenship: Empowering refugees and migrants in limbo state to ignite housing affordability

Integration of migrants and refugees

Athens - Greece

Einstein's coffee of the world 35 - Tess Kamphorst

U-RLP Zoom-in 2: Plan Einstein’s Narrative

Is the Plan Einstein (U-RLP) project contributing to the creation of a new narrative on the reception of refugees?...

U-RLP Utrecht Refugee Launch Pad

Integration of migrants and refugees

Utrecht - The Netherlands