Citizens’ ideas how to use new circulative sidestream based construction material

Project : Urban infra revolution - Circular economy materials and novel method development to produce recyclable and functional urban construction products
City : Lappeenranta
Short description
In the Urban Infra Revolution project, new sustainable material is developed by combining forest and mining industry side streams. In April, an idea competition, open to all citizens, was organised to select the best urban product to be built with new circular material.

SALUS SPACE and innovative practices of intercultural welfare

Project : S.A.L.U.S. ‘W’ SPACE - Sustainable Accessible Livable Usable Social space for intercultural Wellbeing, Welfare and Welcoming
City : Bologna
Short description
The month of May, dedicated to many events to promote the European Union institutions, policies and programmes, ended up in Bologna with the international conference "Beyond Integration. Innovative practices of hospitality and intercultural welfare ", organised by the City of Bologna in the framework of Salus Space project.

Chemical analysis of »IAPS« wood -our recent research activities

Project : APPLAUSE - Alien Plant Species from harmful to useful with citizens' led activities
City : Ljubljana
Short description
In the frame of research activities on the Applause project, intensive investigation of the chemical properties of Invasive Alien Plant Species (IAPS) is under progress also at the Department of wood science and technology (University of Ljubljana, Biotechnical faculty).

MARES de Madrid presents a new space for energy and care

Project : MARES - Resilient urban ecosystems for a sustainable economy
City : Madrid
Short description
Jorge García Castaño, Councillor of the Centro District and responsible for the Area of ​​Economy and Finances, participated on Wednesday 18 April in the launch of the Energy MAR, a new space that seeks to promote a thematic hub with innovative economic initiatives in the fields of energy and care economy.

Recycling Residents

Project : Super Circular Estate - First Circular Social Housing Estate for 100% Material and Social Circularity
City : Kerkrade
Short description
The Super Circular Estate project experiments with reusing values of three vacant high-rise flats. Besides reusing values such as materials and the high-rise buildings in the area, the SCE team experiments with reusing social structures.

MiFriendly Cities holds official launch to celebrate funding for new opportunities for communities across the West Midlands

City : Coventry
Short description
The UIA City of Coventry held its public launch for the MiFriendly Cities project at the city’s iconic cathedral on 5th June. The event was both a celebration of the project launching in the West Midlands, as well as an opportunity for the 11 partner organisations to engage with potential stakeholders and publicise the project more widely.