Activities at the CORE Centre

Project : CoRE - Centre of Refugee Empowerment
City : Vienna
Short description
The CORE project implements a wide range of activities for refugees. The participative approach of CORE ensures that refugees themselves can design integration offers and thus actively participate in the project. This approach is also reflected at the CORE Centre run by the Vienna Social Fund. The CORE Centre offers space and support so that organizations, associations, civil society initiatives, volunteers and above all refugees themselves can implement integration activities.

New modern research equipment – a system for accelerated solvent extraction of solid and semisolid samples

Project : APPLAUSE - Alien Plant Species from harmful to useful with citizens' led activities
City : Ljubljana
Short description
We appreciatively announce that a new piece of equipment has been purchased at the Biotechnical Faculty, Department of Wood Science and Technology (BF-DW). The equipment was financed at the greatest extent by the Applause project (Urban Innovative Actions, UIA02-228).

Launch of CIRCUIT!

Project : Antwerp Circular South - engaging the community in an online and offline circular economy
City : Antwerp
Short description
To become a circular citizen you need to have an ecosystem that facilitates your life. A place where you can share, repair, lease or have a designer to redesign your old chair into the perfect dresser for your daughter. A place where you can rethink the way you do things and have a drink and a bite doing so. We launch CIRCUIT! The circularity centre that offers all those services and more!

Co-City and the stories of civic participation in Turin: A collaborative storytelling on Medium to follow the implementation of the actions

Project : Co-City - The collaborative management of urban commons to counteract poverty and socio-spatial polarisation
City : Turin
Short description
Most of the 60 proposals of collaboration admitted to the co-design phase in the framework of the Co-City project are currently being refined by the City of Turin in close collaboration with the proposers, with the aim of getting the first pacts officially stipulated by the end of the year.