New Urban gardens are emerging

Project : URBAN SOIL 4 FOOD - Establishment of Innovative Urban Soil Based Economy Circles to Increase Local Food Self-sufficiency and Minimize Environmental Footprint
City : Maribor
Short description
Within the Urban Soil 4 Food project, new urban gardens will be built on 12,500 square meters, spreading under Pekrska gorca. In the gardens we will accept 66 new gardeners. Infrastructure in gardens is not yet fully prepared at this moment, but work on the land is already intensively carried out.

First inter BC-Labs MILMA meeting

Project : MILMA Project - Migrants Labour Integration Model based on Acculturation Project
City : Fuenlabrada
Short description
On 17th may, all MILMA laboratories attended a meeting in order to make contact with the participants of the others labs. Before the meeting started, the Mayor of Fuenlabrada, Javier Ayala, had the chance to speak about the Project and how important it is to have the opportunity to be trained in an innovative project such as MILMA.

Discover MAC Journal#4

Project : MAC - Monteruscello Agro City
City : Pozzuoli
Short description
In this edition of MAC Journal, UIA Experts Pietro Elisei presents the implementation challenges and developments faced by the project.

CitiCAP Expert Journal: Get an update on what has been happening in the last 6 months in Lahti

Project : CitiCap - Citizen's cap-and-trade co-created
City : Lahti
Short description
In his 2nd journal of CitiCAP, UIA expert Philip Turner describes his take on the project over the last 6 months, which included a stimulating and enriching visiting experience in the city of Lahti. He tells us about the emissions allowances of the PCT scheme, central to the project’s success, and also the rewarding allocation and how local businesses are brought into it.

TMaaS Expert Journal: Get an update on what has been happening in the last 6 months

Project : TMaaS - Traffic Management as a Service
City : Ghent
Short description
The 2nd TMaaS Journal accompanies the project in its past half year of progress. By giving an account of the main activities and achievements of each project component, the second issue explores the new activities that have kicked in, outlining a clear new phase of the project in which the first results of the work conducted started to emerge.

AS-FABRIK Expert Journal 4: Get to know what happened in the last 6 months!

Project : AS-Fabrik -Bilbao Alliance for smart specialisation in advanced services towards the digital transformation of the industry
City : Bilbao
Short description
In his fourth Journal, Willem van Winden discusses all key activities that you need to know about AS-FABRIK. Most importantly, Willem shares his thoughts on KIBS (Knowledge Intensive Business Services) and how AS-FABRIK is dealing with them not only internally within the project but also in relation to parallel European activities in the same field. The latter is rather important for the project as it ensures its scalability and transferability potential on the one hand, but also reveals interesting insights about the process itself.

BRIDGE Blog: Bridging Capital: Findings from our a Rotterdam – Madrid Dialogue on Innovation

Project : BRIDGE - Building the Right Investments for Delivering a Growing Economy
City : Rotterdam
Short description
Within UIA we have also been examining how we better understand the process of urban transformation. In these cases, cities work alone, rather than in networks. But we can see different UIA cities addressing the same key questions. One of these is: How do we grow local talent to transform disadvantaged neighbourhoods?