Rotterdam Journal 3

BRIDGE Expert Journal: Get an update on what has been happening in the last 6 months

Read about the progress with a specific focus on monitoring and evaluation...

BRIDGE - Building the Right Investments for Delivering a Growing Economy

Jobs and skills in the local economy

Rotterdam - The Netherlands

Kerkrade Journal

Super Circular Estate Journal 1: Get to know the project’s first steps

The UIA Expert unveils Kerkrade’s initial achievements in the first journal....

Super Circular Estate - First Circular Social Housing Estate for 100% Material and Social Circularity

Circular economy

Kerkrade - The Netherlands

Barcelona journal 3

B-Mincome Expert Journal: Get an update of what has been happening in the last 6 months

With the end of the selection process of the 2000 families included in the different pilot schemes for Minimum Income, the project has now fully enter...

B-MINCOME - Combining guaranteed minimum income and active social policies in deprived urban areas

Urban poverty

Barcelona - Spain

Heraklion Journal 1

A2UFood Journal 1: The UIA Expert presents the project’s first steps

Get to know the initial achievements of Heraklion in the first UIA Expert journal....

A2UFood - Avoidable and Unavoidable Food Wastes: A Holistic Managing Approach for Urban Environments

Circular economy

Heraklion - Greece

Ljubljana journal 1

APPLAUSE Journal 1: The project’s first achievements and lessons learnt

Check out Ljubljana’s initial steps in the first UIA Expert journal...

APPLAUSE - Alien Plant Species from harmful to useful with citizens' led activities

Circular economy

Ljubljana - Slovenia

Pozzuoli Journal 3

The MAC Project Journal 3: The progress so far

Get the latest news about Pozzuoli’s project!...

MAC - Monteruscello Agro City

Urban poverty

Pozzuoli - Italy

Lappeenranta Journal 1

Urban Infra Revolution UIA Expert Journal – reducing emissions in urban construction development

UIA Expert, Kinga Korniejenko, gives a first look on how the project is being implemented....

Urban infra revolution - Circular economy materials and novel method development to produce recyclable and functional urban construction products

Circular economy

Lappeenranta - Finland

David Steen from Chalmers University

Testbed creates ripple effect for energy research at Chalmers University of Technology

For researchers, having access to a real arena where they can put their theories to test is invaluable. David Steen from the Chalmers University of Te...

FED - Fossil Free Energy Districts

Energy Transition

Gothenburg - Sweden

How do we go to work?

How do we go to work and what would be the ideal way?

Nearly 1,500 employees were interviewed in a survey about their travel-to-work habits. Their answers show that the first priority is the time it takes...

SASMob - Smart Alliance for Sustainable Mobility

Urban mobility

Szeged - Hungary