Involving the partners and the local community to start the project

Project : S.A.L.U.S. ‘W’ SPACE - Sustainable Accessible Livable Usable Social space for intercultural Wellbeing, Welfare and Welcoming
City : Bologna
Short description
SALUS W SPACE started on November 2016 and is already at the height of activity. The working groups have been established, the internal and external communication tools set-up, and the co-design activity is proceeding intensively in order to provide the required guidelines for the architectural project.

31 March – Launch event of Co-City in Turin: Italian and European cities sharing vision on commons and participation of residents

Project : Co-City - The collaborative management of urban commons to counteract poverty and socio-spatial polarisation
City : Turin
Short description
On 31 March, the City of Turin and ANCI - Associazione Nazionale Comuni Italiani (National Association of Italian Municipalities) organised the official launch event of the Co-City project at Open Incet, in Turin.

Milan is talking with Companies and other stakeholders upon the next Open Innovation Hub for Peri-urban Agriculture

Project : OpenAgri - New Skills for new Jobs in Peri-urban Agriculture 
City : Milan
Short description
Through the project Openagri Milan is to launch a truly open change process, including all parties that in the city and in the metropolitan area are focused on innovative and sustainable forms of food production, processing, distribution, consumption as well as scrap management.

First steps taken towards a fossil-free energy district

Project : FED - Fossil Free Energy Districts
City : Gothenburg
Short description
The meeting room is filled by a pleasant buzz of voices. How is our energy marketplace going to be designed? What business model can be applied? How will we be able to replicate our results? Crucial questions are being answered in the first phase of the Fossil-free Energy Districts, FED project.

The New deal is ready for launch

Project : CoRDEES - Co-Responsibility in District Energy Efficiency & Sustainability
City : Paris
Short description
On March 24th, the Paris municipality and its stakeholders are entering the first step of the CoRDEES program. 50 professionals of 20 companies gathered to launch the project.

What refugees really need: demands assessment for CORE

Project : CoRE - Centre of Refugee Empowerment
City : Vienna
Short description
In order to ensure that the project activities meet the actual demands of the beneficiaries, various needs assessments for CORE have been executed by the project partners in the past months. The results of these assessments serve as a basis for developing appropriate activities and solutions - according to the motto: Empowerment for Refugees.