What refugees really need: demands assessment for CORE

Project : CoRE - Centre of Refugee Empowerment
City : Vienna
Short description
In order to ensure that the project activities meet the actual demands of the beneficiaries, various needs assessments for CORE have been executed by the project partners in the past months. The results of these assessments serve as a basis for developing appropriate activities and solutions - according to the motto: Empowerment for Refugees.

CURANT presents its first co-housing duos

Project : CURANT - Co-housing and case management for Unaccompanied young adult Refugees in ANTwerp
City : Antwerp
Short description
On Monday, February 6th 2017, we proudly presented our cohousing project to the wider public. The chairman of social welfare Fons Duchateau and project leader Jolien De crom presented the project. During a panel discussion all official partners (Solentra, Vormingplus Antwerp, Cemis, JES vzw and Atlas) discussed about how they plan to support our duo’s according to their expertise. Top of the bill was the introduction of our first two cohousing duos.

Linking the Urban Development Network and the Urban Innovative Actions in Barcelona

Project : B-MINCOME - Combining guaranteed minimum income and active social policies in deprived urban areas
City : Barcelona
Short description
On 15-16 December the Peer Review Workshop organized by the Urban Development Network took place in Barcelona. The UDN is set out in the ERDF regulation for Cohesion Policy involving local authorities throughout the EU implementing integrated urban strategies in line with ERDF article 7 and those implementing innovative actions in line with ERDF Article 8.

Bilbao receives 4.5 million from Europe for the creation of an innovation centre in Zorrotzaurre

Project : AS-Fabrik -Bilbao Alliance for smart specialisation in advanced services towards the digital transformation of the industry
City : Bilbao
Short description
"We’re working on Bilbao’s future. The city is focused on the creation of a new economic and social fabric based on creativity, innovation and new technologies”. The words of the mayor, Juan Mari Aburto, in September 2015, already foretold the work begun for laying the foundations of what will be the second transformation of Bilbao linked to innovation and industry 4.0 entrepreneurship.