Commuting patterns explored in SASMob's 1st zoom-in

Project : SASMob - Smart Alliance for Sustainable Mobility
City : Szeged
Short description
Check out the different commuting patterns within the SASMob partnership. Look at how personal choices can be geared into different mobility patterns within general mobility behaviour trends and get insights on how public mobility providers can respond to the ever growing appeal of individual mobility solutions?

Zoom-in video on BRICK-BEACH project

Project : BRICK-BEACH - Artificial regeneration of urban beaches with eroded recylced aggregates
City : Velez-malaga
Short description
Construction and demolition waste is always seen as one of the main barriers for implementing a circular economy. Instead, in Velez-Malaga they saw it as an opportunity and thanks to BRICK_BEACH they are using debris to regenerate a sandy beach inside the city. Have a look at this video developed by UIA Expert Miguel Lucena.

A webinar provides clarification about the TMaaS Replicator City Programme

Project : TMaaS - Traffic Management as a Service
City : Ghent
Short description
TMaaS recently launched a call to cities worldwide to register for the TMaaS Replicator City Programme. This autumn, three selected cities will have the opportunity to work together with the TMaaS team on developing their own version of the TMaaS dashboard adapted to their situation and needs. The TMaaS team will present the TMaaS Replicator City Programme during a webinar on 25 March 2019. The City of Ghent and TomTom will highlight the opportunities the project offers to cities seeking to increase their data-driven solutions knowledge and skills, use cases for the City of Ghent and the details of the TMaaS Replicator City Programme. At the end of the webinar, any cities that are interested will have the opportunity to ask questions.

MILMA attended international practitioner exchange event on inclusive opportunities in ICT

Project : MILMA Project - Migrants Labour Integration Model based on Acculturation Project
City : Fuenlabrada
Short description
The ‘Inclusive Opportunities for ICT’ conference, organised in Brussels on 06 and 07 February, gathered more than 100 experts from Europe and beyond. Attending this international conference gave MILMA some very interesting insights and guidance.

Super Circular Estate Zoom-in 1: Circular versus conventional building process

Project : Super Circular Estate - First Circular Social Housing Estate for 100% Material and Social Circularity
City : Kerkrade
Short description
UIA Expert Elma Durmisevic zooms into the differences between circular and conventional building process through interviews with the key members of the project. Check out what the main challenges are when it comes to recovering, refurbishing and reusing materials from building blocks!

Important milestone for future energy systems

Project : FED - Fossil Free Energy Districts
City : Gothenburg
Short description
Local energy systems can become an important part of the energy transformation needed to slow down global warming. In Gothenburg, such a system is, since January 2019, in full operation within the project FED - Fossil-free Energy Districts. The project is led by Johanneberg Science Park whose devise is that cooperation is key to success.