Co-creation and collaboration processes within AS-FABRIK project

Project : AS-Fabrik -Bilbao Alliance for smart specialisation in advanced services towards the digital transformation of the industry
City : Bilbao
Short description
This Zoom-in deals with the issue of co-creation in Bilbao, in the framework of AS-FABRIK project, wherein a physical location that will become the beating heart of the Industry 4.0 ecosystem in the Bilbao region is being developed.

OpenAgri presents “Promised Land: the future of urban consumption”

Project : OpenAgri - New Skills for new Jobs in Peri-urban Agriculture 
City : Milan
Short description
On June 20th-21st Municipality of Milan organized Promised Land, a two-day event discussing about future skills, new technologies, narratives and policies with which cities are imagining new relations between production, consumption and sustainability of their agri-food systems.