Municipal leaders and experts discuss innovation in urban development

Project : NextGen Microcities - Next Generation Micro Cities of Europe
City : Ventspils & Valmiera
Short description
On 6 June Ventspils gathered city leaders and city development specialists from all over Latvia. During the discussion event “Next Generation Innovations in Creating New Jobs in Cities”, representatives of local governments, state institutions, educational institutions and non-governmental organizations discussed issues such as attracting talents to Latvian cities, the importance and introduction of educational technologies, attracting foreign direct investment and urban marketing. The kick-off event was dedicated to launching “Next Generation Micro Cities of Europe” (NextGen Microcities), a unique project in Latvia and the Baltics within the Urban Innovative Actions Initiative.

CoRE project and the role of volunteering

Project : CoRE - Centre of Refugee Empowerment
City : Vienna
Short description
In his third journal, UIA Expert Christoph Reinprecht guides us through the role and relevance of voluntary activity both from the angle of refugee (self-) empowerment, and the involvement of civil society and explains why within the CORE-project, volunteering is seen as an important mean for becoming part of society.

Do we need innovations? Zoom-in on geopolymers composites

Project : Urban infra revolution - Circular economy materials and novel method development to produce recyclable and functional urban construction products
City : Lappeenranta
Short description
Making the construction sector circular is one of the main challenge for the implementation of a full circular economy. The Urban Infra Revolutions project in the city of Lappeenranta aims to demonstrate the ability of geopolymers and the processes to achieve finished components for construction industry with reduced life cycle costs.

MILMA's innovative approach towards improving integration of migrants - Journal 2

Project : MILMA Project - Migrants Labour Integration Model based on Acculturation Project
City : Fuenlabrada
Short description
In his 2nd journal of the MILMA project, UIA expert Dario Mazzella highlights the progress of the MILMA Project in Fuenlabrada in the last month. It focuses on its innovative approach towards improving integration of immigrants, as well as employability and entrepreneurial skills of youth and unemployed people. The journal presents the methodology used to design BC Labs, and focuses on the transversal training part, called ETEIs (Experimental Teams of Employment and Integration).