What companies think about MILMA

Project : MILMA Project - Migrants Labour Integration Model based on Acculturation Project
City : Fuenlabrada
Short description
MILMA’s Companies Network evaluated their collaboration after the end of the first project’s edition. After the first edition, more than 200 companies were contacted, 60 signed a collaboration agreement and 16 have been closely collaborating with our project.

Rethinking the future of the former factory of Via Cumiana: the collaboration between residents and associations at the Co-City Lab

Project : Co-City - The collaborative management of urban commons to counteract poverty and socio-spatial polarisation
City : Turin
Short description
The regeneration of an iconic building usually looks as an ambitious challenge for the neighbourhood where the structure is located and for its residents. By February 2020 the former Lancia factory of Via Cumiana is going to become a new landmark of Borgo San Paolo area, but also a symbol of all the projects of civic engagement promoted by Co-City in Turin.

Unique testbed helps Gothenburg become an international innovation player

Project : FED - Fossil Free Energy Districts
City : Gothenburg
Short description
Through its innovation program, the City of Gothenburg works systematically to increase the innovation capacity within its administration. Fossil-free Energy Districts (FED) is an example of initiatives where the city has received EU funding to try out new solutions. This has resulted in a new test bed for energy, but also that the city is more clearly positioned on the international innovation map.

Portici: Air Monitoring Start

Project : AIR-HERITAGE - Improving the environmental quality of the City of Portici: Monitoring, Modelling, and Mitigating Air Pollution through participated and efficient Policies
City : Portici
Short description
In order to improve air quality, Air Heritage project aims to build a framework based on pervasive AQ monitoring, by integrating mobile monitoring stations, fixed monitoring stations and personal mobile devices in a synergic network. All gathered data will be used to produce an innovative AQ Policy Decision Support System. Sharing monitored data in an understandable way through social networking procedures will motivate citizens' participation in the actions, which will ultimately have an impact on air quality levels and on the decision making process of AQ policies.

Co-creation and collaboration processes within AS-FABRIK project

Project : AS-Fabrik -Bilbao Alliance for smart specialisation in advanced services towards the digital transformation of the industry
City : Bilbao
Short description
This Zoom-in deals with the issue of co-creation in Bilbao, in the framework of AS-FABRIK project, wherein a physical location that will become the beating heart of the Industry 4.0 ecosystem in the Bilbao region is being developed.

OpenAgri presents “Promised Land: the future of urban consumption”

Project : OpenAgri - New Skills for new Jobs in Peri-urban Agriculture 
City : Milan
Short description
On June 20th-21st Municipality of Milan organized Promised Land, a two-day event discussing about future skills, new technologies, narratives and policies with which cities are imagining new relations between production, consumption and sustainability of their agri-food systems.