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In order to improve air quality, Air Heritage project aims to build a framework based on pervasive AQ monitoring, by integrating mobile monitoring stations, fixed monitoring stations and personal mobile devices in a synergic network. All gathered data will be used to produce an innovative AQ Policy Decision Support System. Sharing monitored data in an understandable way through social networking procedures will motivate citizens' participation in the actions, which will ultimately have an impact on air quality levels and on the decision making process of AQ policies.

The project will involve a great number of students and citizens  associations  (Consumer Associations, School Parents and their representatives, Teachers, Environmental Guards) into specific sustainable mobility projects stimulating the awareness of the impact of their own everyday choices on climate change mitigation. 
 During the project implementation period the cooperation among local research agencies, university, urban  authority and the citizens will be encouraged  to prepare and to secure a new level of cohesion in the city life with the aim of improving  the life quality of all  inhabitants. Therefore the Public Administration will improve its capability to design efficient and participated policies and to enhance the  existing ones. City officials and citizens associations will cooperate in order to provide  their own monitored AQ data, that have been recorded during daily monitoring  activities. Thus, the cooperative nature of AIR-HERITAGE will bridge the existing gap among the AQ relevant actors, increasing citizens engagement in  environmental  policies.

To start monitoring activities Project Partner Campania Regional Agency for Environment Protection [ARPAC] installed an Air Quality Monitoring  Mobile Station at the beginning of June. The considered indicators  (based on legislative parameters) are: -NO2, -PM10, - PM2.5, -CO,  -O3.  In the middle of September this mobile station  will be installed in five other sites of Portici.  Many other types of air monitoring tools (regulatory monitoring stations, fixed multisensor systems and validated portable multisensory devices) will be used and the data will be analysed and processed  by experts.

We began our journey towards a new awareness of the fundamental role that every single person can play in protecting the environment.

Author: Air Heritage Project Manager Anna Palladino


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AIR-HERITAGE - Improving the environmental quality of the City of Portici: Monitoring, Modelling, and Mitigating Air Pollution through participated and efficient Policies

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