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How to make your application stand out? Insider tips by UIA Finance Coordinator

UIA Finance coordinator
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The competition to join the urban lab of Europe is stiff, as only 18 project proposals out of the 378 applications received for the first Call were selected. In this article, UIA finance coordinator Jean-Christophe Charlier gives you a few practical tips to fill in the Application Form.

When you apply online to a UIA Call, the Application Form is your only way to present your proposal and to defend it. However, having to describe your ideas in an online form can sometimes feel quite challenging. In a tight competition, preparation and good understanding of what is requested is key. Here are a few tips to help you prepare not only a good, but an excellent application!

  1. Carefully read the UIA guidance and the application form guidance to better understand what is expected under each field
  2. Don’t neglect any part of the application form as all requested information is assessed
  3. Check your application form in regards to the assessment criteria, which are all listed  in the UIA guidance
  4. Clearly describe partners’ roles and responsibilities at work package, activity, deliverable and output level
  5. Ensure that the budget is properly described and coherent with the project activities
  6. Use cross-references between the different work packages and activities to indicate how they build on each other
  7. Pay attention to the integration of the investments in the overall work plan as they should support the implementation work packages
  8. Describe in detail… whenever a description is requested
  9. Make sure target values are realistic and consistent with the related activities

Were those tips useful ? The UIA will organise series of webinars in February, where you will be able to get even more information and advice on the four following aspects of the application phase:

  • Introduction to the UIA Initiative and expectations - 2 February 2017, register here
  • Creating a UIA partnership - 9 February 2017, register here
  • Building your intervention logic and drafting your budget - 16 February 2017, register here
  • Planning your project management and communication strategy - 23 February 2017, register here

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