Ghent starts the recruitment of captive residents for house renovation

Gent knapt op in action
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In May 2019, the recruitment for candidates for the first wave of house renovations started.

After the team had distributed project leaflets in every house in every neighbourhood involved, four information moments were organised (see photos). A lot of interested people came by. The project also visited events in the neighbourhoods and spoke with many intermediaries. Gent knapt op provided the intermediaries, who work with target groups, a toolkit with all the basic information about the project. This way, they can easily persuade potential candidates to join the scheme.

Besides that, Gent knapt op was in the press, the team hung up posters in shops, pharmacies, restaurants, hairdressers, bakeries, etc. and distributed ‘bookmarks’ with basic information of the project in every possible place.

 In September 2019, the recruitment for the second wave starts. We will keep you posted!





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