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Gathering UIA Knowledge

UIA Knowledge
Short description
Urban Innovative Actions (UIA) projects will test new and unproven solutions to address urban challenges. Thanks to their experimental nature they have the potential to create a wealth of experience, practices, lessons learnt and recommendations during their implementation. For this reason, the UIA aims to capture this great source of knowledge in an analytical and story-telling format in order to reach-out to urban authorities across Europe as well as to urban practitioners and specialised organisations.

Why is the UIA Knowledge important? It will look at the experimental approach taken by urban authorities and will draw lessons from the test phase in order to understand what worked and what did not work in the perspective of a scaling up and transfer of the proposed solution. The wealth of knowledge produced by the projects will serve as a source of inspiration and capacity building for other urban authorities but also for policy makers at EU, national and regional level. By collecting the actions implemented by the UIA cities it will facilitate the pro-active transfer, adaptation and the re-use of good practices by other urban authorities in the EU but also beyond.

The main characteristics of the UIA knowledge are:

  • It is aligned thematically with the topics of the Urban Agenda for the EU
  • It focusses on the implementation of innovative projects (rather than on policy-design) and therefore is centred on the main challenges of the implementation phase such as the leadership of innovative urban projects, organising smart public procurement processes, maintaining a participative approach during the implementation phase and ensuring an active involvement of key local stakeholders, among others.

In order to gather this knowledge, the UIA recruits a group of experts (UIA Experts) supporting each funded project who will bring external experience and knowledge and will capture the information produced in an analytical way. As one of their main outputs, they will produce a biannual ‘journal’ on the project’s implementation that will tell the story of how the project faces the challenges of its implementation. Experts will write yearly a ‘Zoom in’ providing in-depth understanding on a specific element of the implementation. All outputs produced by UIA Experts will be available on the UIA website both in the project webpages as well as in the UIA Knowledge webpages where the Journals and the Zoom in of  UIA projects will be gathered under a common policy field.

For the projects selected under the first Call for Proposals, we have recently recruited 17 experts that will support the projects during their three years of implementation and final year of project closure and knowledge transfer. You can find out who these experts are in the individual project webpages.

The knowledge acquired from the implementation of the projects will be used for the dissemination, capacity building and transfer in the EU and beyond. The UIA will work with the different organisations already active in sustainable urban development and innovation such as the Directorates of the European Commission as well as with the Urban Development Network, the partnerships of the Urban Agenda for the EU and URBACT. Cooperation with other organisations working on urban policy will also be explored .

Further information will be made available on the UIA website in each of the project webpages and in the upcoming thematic knowledge sections.


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