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First common lessons from UIA projects on Jobs and Skills in the local economy

Jobs and skills in the local eocnomy
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UIA kicks off its capitalisation activities with a joint reflection of the four projects funded under this topic.

The first four UIA projects under the jobs and skills in the local economy topic have been implementing their solutions for nearly a year and a half and some valuable lessons can already be learnt. As part of the UIA capitalisation activities, an event will be held in June to highlight the work these four projects have done so far.

The cities of Bilbao, Madrid, Milan and Rotterdam have been working since November 2016 on testing innovative solutions in order to anticipate the major economic and technological transformations that are shaping the local labour market but also to make sure that benefits and resources are shared more fairly and equally within local communities. Each project operates in a specific local context and is experimenting its own method and solution but all have in common that they have been showcasing how urban authorities work differently with engaged local stakeholders to reconcile the need for jobs and skills with the equity agenda.

The projects are still at an early stage of the implementation process but the actors involved are already keen to share the first experiences and initial lessons.

Over the last weeks Project Coordinators and UIA Experts have started exploring links as well as common challenges faced in the first 18 months. Aspects such as the importance of area-based approaches for inclusive growth, the new role as a ‘broker’ that urban authorities are requested to play with a wide range of local stakeholders or the importance of industry clustering in supporting the job and skills agenda have been identified as key.

The initial findings of this common reflection will be shared in a paper jointly written by the four UIA Experts that will be published on the UIA website in mid-April.

The four cities and experts as well as the Permanent Secretariat are keen to open this conversation and share their knowledge with other urban authorities working on the topic as well as stakeholders and policy makers looking for inspiring and innovative solutions. To do so, UIA is organising a half-day event in Brussels in the second half of June 2018. During the event, representatives of UIA projects will bring their own experiences, present their visions and share their challenges in implementing new bold ideas. Registration for the event will open soon on the UIA website.

The event will contribute to a report that will bring together all the lessons and findings generated by this common process with concrete learning points for other urban authorities in Europe trying to making their local economies more competitive but also more inclusive

Visit our UIA Cities section to get further information on the four jobs and skills projects funded in the first Call for Proposals. You can gain further insight into the implementation of the projects by reading the UIA Expert Journals published at the end of 2017. You can read them here.


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