Edit 28 September 2022
by UIA Permanent secretariat

The European Urban Initiative for your city!

With the official agreement signed between the Region Hauts-de-France and the European Commission, we shift from UIA to the new European Urban Initiative EUI! If you come across this article, it means you have become part of our EUI community: welcome to the European hub for sustainable urban development!

Cities’ key instrument to tackling pressing urban challenges from climate change, social inequalities and the digital transition is here: the European Urban Initiative (EUI). The set-up of the new initiative brings to European cities a variety of solutions, skills, knowledge and funding in order to develop a strategic integrated and inclusive approach to urban development. The EUI is ready to serve as an essential building block to empower cities and equip them with vital resources to create better and sustainable living spaces.

As the urban dimension of Cohesion policy further strengthens for the programming period of 2021-2027, EUI supports cities by encouraging them to be bold, innovative and to take risks. Within this framework, EUI improves the effectiveness of Cohesion policy and reinforces the concept of testing new solutions. Crucially is also achieves this in transferring good practices and proven successful solutions from one city to another across Europe. Accordingly, EUI will seek to strengthen cities with capacity building tools and trainings, offer evidence-based policy making as well as knowledge sharing and exchange on sustainable urban development.

Curious in learning more about EUI and about one of the ways this initiative can help turn your city goals into a reality? The first Innovative Actions Call for Proposals is supporting New European Bauhaus (NEB) demonstrators. The NEB initiative, launched by the European Commission in 2020, seeks to create new ways of living whereby sustainability merges with style and beauty, accelerating the green transition not only in our cities’ economy but in our daily life. This in turn, drives a regeneration of our environment, nature, and quality of life. Hence our first call, with an indicative budget of EUR 50 million, will integrate fully the NEB core values of sustainability, inclusiveness and aesthetics into innovative interventions.


New European Bauhaus: new actions and funding to link sustainability to  style and inclusion | EURAXESS


To support all of you that are interested in applying for our call, we are holding a series of seminars in four different locations in Europe this autumn 2022. While the launch of our first call is in just a few weeks, you can already save the date and register for our first Applicant Seminar in Brussels taking place on October 19, 2022. We are looking forward to meeting you and above all, introducing you to our new initiative, our goals and how we can support you in implementing your innovative actions.


We invite you to engage with us as we begin this exciting journey with you and mark the start of a beautiful, inclusive and sustainable urban future!

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